When it comes to living it always makes sense to do what you’re getting paid for.

Then again if you have worked for 10 years and have no money, you’re in the same boat just like me except I haven’t worked 10 years.

I always valued free time, I always asked this question – Am I so stupid that I can’t think something good to do with my life?

Then I had many realizations.

I realized that creating something your own in the market is extremely hard and it can take a lot of time, if you have just 100€ start up.

I’m not a financial advisor, but I think for 100€ you can only start a website. 60€ to be exact in a year, this is how much I’ve paid.

Blogging essentially is a good thing if you love to write, but on the other hand I doubt people will ever find my blog due to non-seo writing.

When it comes to living I don’t want to adapt my behavior to the world, I want the world to adapt to my behavior, but it takes enormous inner force, if people make money writing – this means it’s possible, you just have to gain some experience with the “business” model.

  • Writer business model is easy: write some shit and sell it.
  • Writer business is so scalable: shit you write for one person can scale to one million people, that’s how writing is effective.
  • Writing is fun, profitable and once you write it, it stays written.
  • Written stuff becomes your asset.

I’m always proud of long pieces, but when you blog – you can make books out of your own posts, this is pretty cool.

I should make some SEO, but whatever. I think SEO will handle itself because in the end I’m writing for people, not machines and algorithms.

Basically, everyday I wake up I sit down at my computer and write whatever comes to my head.  The game is who writes more, not who writes what.

Of course being a writer can take some time to realize what do you want to write.

  • Novels?
  • Articles?
  • Status Updates?
  • Diary?
  • Memoir?
  • Movies?
  • Plays?
  • The list is almost endless when it comes to writing.

As a writer for many years, I know that writers should feel joy while producing various texts in various forms.

When I feel this joy, I can create for free because I love doing it but I think I’m good enough to do it for money.

Six years of daily writing is huge experience and the experience only grows, while people spend writing texts and chats, some people build assets and this makes a huge difference.

Everyone can write but only few can master it. When you write a lot you get this sense of flow.

The other thing I noticed that using simple words makes a better writer, when those word smiths use words nobody can understand they actually suck as writers.

Writing is not about beautiful words, writing is about idea sharing and communication.

But who I’m to teach you, I’m not famous 🙂