When I first started going and doing stuff online I wasn’t aware about one truth.

The web is working 24/7 and people surf the web to read stuff or to buy something.

Not that I’m saying you’re going to buy something from me, but bare with me.

Money is always circulating wherever online or offline. People always buy things, even people without big streams of money – they all buy stuff.

So your duty is to provide a solution to a certain problem.

The more problems you solve – the more money you get.

Essentially a blog is to market yourself, doesn’t matter what you have to offer.

If people find your blog useful – you are going to make money even if you don’t want it.

It’s hard to build trust and respect, but when you build it – you can make a fart video, your reputation isn’t going to go anywhere.

When I was experimenting with online video – I made some serious vlogs on philosophy and the matrix and made some dumbed down jokes and fart videos. And I noticed people share fart videos instead of my philosophy.

I can make a point which is also a fact – people don’t like serious stuff, they want farts, but when people watch farts – they have farts in their heads which makes them not a smart bunch of people.

People on facebook consume whatever you give them. They’re always looking for new stuff – good or bad, doesn’t matter as long as it keeps them laughing.

So if you want to be in a good position later in life – you got to create something that is worthwhile despite the views. Views, likes, shares are great, but they won’t make you money.

I spent a lot of time building my tribe on facebook, but then facebook started banning me. So I had to quit. Sure I didn’t have a massive following, but I saw one major thing – you don’t want to build your tribe on some other website which can ban you anyday you disobey the policy, so I started my blog and I’m doing everything again, I got a lot of facebook bans and youtube strikes, so I didn’t had any choice but to built my own website.

Actually I don’t know how long it will take to build up, maybe never if I take seriously what other people are saying, but I can bet one thing – your platform, if you build it, will make you known and expand your social circle – it’s the least it can do.

If I’m lucky, or if you’re lucky – you will bank some profit.

The most valuable thing in today’s society is the human attention – where’s the attention – there’s the money.

You don’t need a massive following, you need just some.

I know you can do it, I can do it too.