The problem with doing is that it can be of use to somebody, yet the pile of blogs and over supply of books which aren’t marketed make the idea that everything that is overcreated is useless.

Yet, the dynamic experiences make the life rich’er.

But looking from a nihilistic perspective there is no point in doing anything but that’s wrong. The song, the book, the blog, the post, the movie can help discover the hidden aspect of oneself to those who seek out.

The is one thing that people do in common – make life fun and easier because in a way life is pretty dull, yet fantastic – not. Not today, maybe someday.

Yet the creator should create to just create, he shouldn’t care about the consumption.

You don’t get paid to shit, but you do it everyday – why?

Somethings we do are simply integrated in our character. We can change our habits, yet we can’t change the character.