I was in a shop today to buy some chips and sunflower seeds.

I figured, I will look for some books on the shelf and there’s this book for 8€ with the big promise that if you read it you’ll become this next bitch motherfucker boss dude.

Business books deliver a big promise which in the end is under delivered.

After reading rich dad poor dad – I realized that I need to work for myself, 6 years spent creating value with almost no results and I keep pursuing it. And probably it will never happen: this thing: follow your passion, do what you love and in the end earn some dimes to buy a toilet paper to wipe your own dogs ass.

It pisses me of.

All these videos provide the secret of sales, and learning and yet, you just don’t learn anything from them. Just like the alpha man courses which I didn’t go to.

If a book, or a course would actually teach you how to do things they would be out of order because you would steal all their cash with the same logic.

My best sales came from trial and error. If you get high traffic to your website, you just keep rewriting the sales page until you get the best converting.

After years of failure, I found things that don’t work. It’s not what you write in your description, it’s all about the promise. If people don’t care about the promise – you won’t sell anything when it comes to books or clothes or whatever.

When it comes to creating something to sell [because I do some sales] you want to under-promise and over-deliver. When you over deliver – you get 5 star reviews when you under-deliver you get 2s and 3s.

My dream is to write books but when you don’t have an audience nobody’s going to buy them, I’m not Seth Godin. I haven’t built any successful businesses. I haven’t build anything successful yet.

When it comes to selling my swag. I won’t tell you that these are the best out of the best because it would be a lie, but getting them from me will let me build and craft more interesting stuff for you.

As a writer/blogger I’m interested in reader amount. If people don’t read for free, they won’t read for money. Because I did some sales without any marketing. I know my stuff is good. I’m to lazy to market. I’m to lazy to sell.

My career consists of producing something. I like producing. When I give for free I get hundreds of downloads, hundreds of youtube listens but when I sell – I get few sales thus less exposure. Five bucks is not worth few sales when I can get hundreds of listens and downloads.

I like when people tell me that my crap is good and funny. I give a normal promise that the book will be funny just read it and I don’t need anything from you. Just have a good experience.

As an author I care about delivering ideas, spreading some things that are valuable to me and might be valuable to you.

I could spend my time crafting this perfect sales letter and shit, compete with the world and take all your cash and under deliver but I don’t want to do that.

I like to give and give because rarely somebody gives to me. If I had money I would give them to causes because I want to change the world, I just can’t see people barely meeting their ends. I don’t want to see slaughter, wars, crime and hunger, why do people have to die when there’s such an abundance?

Shelves are full on food and yet homeless poor people stand in front of the shop so that people would give couple of cents and yet only few give.

People just don’t have empathy. I think everything should be humans before profits.

I don’t make the rules, I don’t have the gold.

In this capitalist world you can do whatever you want but like the rule says nothing ever works out.

I just don’t know what kind of promise I should deliver, because you see, when I can’t make cash for myself I can’t make cash for nobody.

I would love to give people opportunities, give them jobs because nobody looked ever at me seriously, nobody cares about my potential, nobody saw me.

This world has many things to offer and yet I fail to take it. This makes me superb upset.

Sure would be rich if I blew some dicks and sold my ass to the rapist in gangbang on pornhub.

I just can’t win in a game where I’m not the one creating the rules.

My promise? I’ll make you a smart critical thinker. Because I got this in my genes.