The problem with cheap

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So as a new blogger, I thought why not I just get a logo from fiverr, for 7$.

And this is what he sent me…


These logos are shit even for 7$, because I literally couldn’t use them anywhere.

If people want to make money on fiverr for prolonged times, they need to do exceptional stuff in order to maintain their clients.

If you’re somewhat into business you know that acquiring new clients is more difficult than retaining those which you already have.

That’s why building email lists is essential for any business.

Because if a person bought from you once, he may refer somebody to you or he can do another purchase. But he only will do this, if you will deliver an exceptional piece of work.

These logos are shit

Cheap is shit

Free is better. People who do their services for free want to get some credibility by doing an exceptional work, while cheap people want to rip you off.