When we look into movies like the matrix, we always see a hero, the main character which goes on an epic journey of his lifetime.

And yet many people dream to be the heroes, assuming that someone in a video game has more power than the player who’s playing the game.

Just because the world is dynamic and interactive – we know that we can bend and do things in reality the way we want – Every our action has an effect: big or small.

Every person is “building” the reality one is experiencing.

If we want a certain effect in this world, he have to think very deep to actually understand what kind of behavior would bring that certain effect into our life.

You can write all the books in the world and yet, if nobody sees them: it’s a waste of time and energy.

When we talk about the effects, we have to be sure about actions which bring certain effects.

Our daily lives are made of actions and functions we take which produce certain results even if we don’t want those results. Smoking gives cancer? Proven thousands of times. 9 of 10 smokers get cancer, written on every pack of cigarettes in Lithuania. It’s written everywhere.

You don’t want to take that 1 out of 10 chance when it comes to lung cancer. Of course we all going to die, but it’s better to die later than earlier. The more you live the more things can happen to you.

Want muscle, want lose weight – it’s simple, “science” has figured that out. Simple strategies may be hard to do, but in theory they are simple.

If a person wants to blog, he has to write a lot.

Every human has 24 hours in his day, the things one does determines what he achieves in his lifetime.

A person who doesn’t write a book, can’t live forever. All produced content is waiting to be discovered. Period.

If we admire certain people, we can look at them closely and choose some habits which we like. If we hate certain people, we can look at their behavior and choose habits and traits we don’t want to have.

If you like smart people, you should look at what smart people do and strive to become smart yourself.

Quitting smoking will benefit you more than going to the gym…

You’re just slightly of. Think about that.

If you’re looking for the one – it’s you, wake up and become whatever you want.

You are the one, period.