The margin delusion

Let’s say I have an apple from an apple tree which I own. The apple tree grows cash. Period.

I take that apple add a margin, let’s say 10 cents per apple. I pickup 200 apples from my garden and deliver it to the buyer, he buys apples from me 200 x 0.1, he gives me 20 bucks for 200 apples, right? Yeah I think it’s right.

Then the buyer ads a margin on an apple 50 cents and sells them to the markets all over the world. He gets 60 cents for an apple from the market buyer 50 margin and 10 the initial price.

Then the market sells apples in small packs with a margin of 70 cents.  So it’s 1.30 per apple that he earns in revenue. Profit is 70 cents.

The prices are fictitious, just to illustrate a point.

The point is that we pay not for the value of the item, but instead for the work which took to deliver the apple to your door step. It illustrates that people who have the apple tree in their garden next to their door don’t have to pay for the apple anything, they even can sell it with large scale without doing any of the work. They can give away apples for free because if nobody eats em, they’re going to rot.

The problem with modern age is that you don’t have any resources all of the resources are preowned.

If we look from a stand point of running the world, it costs nothing to run the world since money is a digit on the screen or paper. It’s value is deluded.

If we have cigarettes in one country cost 2€ in the other 10€, why is that?

This is the margin delusion. If we have janitors earning 120€ here in Lithuania and more in first world countries, why is that?

We need to value time the human works to achieve certain results because cleaning your front yard is as valuable as cleaning your computer from viruses.

Why other people devalue other people? Everybody wants a higher margin for doing nothing just making a sale, how come rich business men can earn that money if they don’t do any work just bullshit on youtube? Other people are working for the rich and they just create value for the guy owning them because he takes a margin from them because the worker is an investment, not a loss.

Thus making a human being a tool, a cog in the system.

Working is cool when you do what you like, not when you’re told to make profit by cleaning the streets where there will be more trash and leaves, rubbish.

How can a person be so rich, if he has the same time amount as you do? Why someone elses 24 hours are worth more than yours?

Work for profit is simply a delusion because if a person is working he must have access to everything society can offer because he spends time contributing to the society.

Someday money will end because it’s simply a delusion to make other people work hard and pay them nothing.

A person is making his own shoes in a company gets paid like 5€ and then the shoes cost 10€ to buy, where’s the logic? Why do people have to buy the resources which they make themselves?

The other illogical factor is making things that are bad on purpose, if people want to work all their life it’s fine – I don’t I want to write, but when people make bad stuff on purpose it pisses me off. Don’t you want to reduce the amount of work you have to do??? If you make a bad thing, you have to redo and redo and redo and redo it again.

Purpose is to do things that are gooooooooooooooooooood. When I write an article I do my best to provoke a thought while other folks make you dumb and I’m the one not getting thanks, I just can’t understand how can people be so dumb and so smart.

For example, when you do bad tooth seal it breaks and you have to do more work, why do you do this people, just wake up!

It’s like I wrote the same article forever, I don’t want to do that!

You people send ships to the Mars and you can’t do a bed that doesn’t break, why people? Don’t you want to work less and have your free time to do whatever you like?

Or do you get paid to do bad stuff! But if all of you do bad stuff, you get bad stuff, how can’t you understand!!! How about some common good for people just like you!

Money doesn’t matter, what matters is our quality of life and access to resources because money is simply paper paid to you to make bad stuff and everybody takes a margin on your work!!!