Modern age has modern problems.

Everyone is doing business, making sales and strives to be rich, except me. I’m so lazy, I barely wake up.

The Idea – Asteroid Mining.

The Execution? Most is not all of you reading my blog simply can’t and will never execute this idea.

This wakes up a point. It’s not the idea that makes you rich, but the execution.

Every person can come up with an idea and in the end – nobody will execute the idea, just because it’s too difficult.

The main reason a person is not rich, is not because he doesn’t know how to get rich, but because he or she lacks competence.

If you can’t earn 1€, you can’t earn 1 000 000€. Period.

Ideas won’t get you anywhere, therefore you should not spend time creating ideas, because if you have no competence – nobody’s going to invest in you.

People invest into you not because of your idea, but because of your competence to execute the idea.

Give me all the money of the planet – I can’t draw a Simpson or Family Guy.

Thus makes me a poor executor.