Yesterday I was watching this: The National Geographic Documentary: Year Million

It talks about merging humans with AI, and there’s no you.

The Individuality is dead.

You don’t want to be controlled by machines, just because you become: the machine.

The outsider in your brain is going to destroy your inside, you don’t want all this information, because the information of the world simply is irrelevant to your experience. It’s better to be dumb amongst the machines than be competent and doing.

When the first generation of users choose to become the machines then there’s no choice of humans, because the humans who became machines will do the choice for you.

If we’re talking about AI: what makes you think it isn’t going to outsmart you?

By outsmart I say: outsmart you into a choice. Choice you didn’t want to do after all.

The AI chip, fluid or whatever is going to destroy you, not enhance you.

AI chip in the head is the moment AI steals your body 😎