When it comes to living and to standards of the society, you can see that many of the problems that occur in a lifetime is simply problems made by humans itself.

I don’t know how they made me do it. I don’t know how I fell into the nicotine trap, how I fell into the alcohol trap and the occasional weed trap.

If you would ask me if a 20 year old guy has some brains in his head I would tell no. I had no brains when I was 20, I have more brains when I’m 30.

People change when they age.

When you’re not in your brains – you think that drinking alcohol is cool, I used to drink way more, almost every day and I drinked cheap beer, the cheapest vodka.

I kind of liked drinking until I started vomiting after each drink… this is kind of not cool. Now when I drink 2 liters of beer per month, I can say that looking into my brother when he’s out of his consciousness due to alcohol looks kind of disappointing.

He’s younger than me and he’s making the same mistakes I used to make, I guess doing shit makes you smarter, in a way.

When it comes to buying stuff: you always want more. more coke, more coffee, more chips and etc. MORE, MORE, MORE and you’ll end up just being a fat fuck like me.

Shoving everything into yourself is an easy habit to form and it’s heavy to live with.

When you’re fat – you should realize that something is wrong with your diet and your lifestyle – this I start to realize in myself and then I realize that most of the culture of individuals is more alike than apart.

When few companies create the food, the movies, the music, the lifestyle you ever wanted that makes similar individuals. Show me a person who likes to read old stuff?

Everybody is about the new, the untold, the secret and the hidden.

Which makes life interesting, every newborn has to discover the old told secrets which are hidden in the obvious.

Being an individual who contemplates a craft is very hard especially if you get no rewards for your craft: artists, musicians, painters and writers.

Then when you’re dead people over long spans of time discover you because when you we’re alive – you we’re ignored and misunderstood. Then they’re like – “man, he wrote some good shit”.

I stole this image – sue me.

The BIG culture of BIG massive fat people who will consume a lot of food during their lifetime and give some of that food to pigeons.

If the pigeons are fat and BIG, they are living fucking good.

The FAT&BIG generation is living fucking good.

When you’re born – you want to live good and easy, not hard and bad.

Fuck underdeveloped countries, fuck children in Africa, fuck world hunger – just because this isn’t our problem. Our problem is cash, so we could be bigger and fatter.

Who listens to the skinny, poor, small, ill and weak? Nobody.

If we’re big and rich, we must be right and everybody else, must be wrong, right?

To be frank, our culture consists mostly of ignorant, dull, angry, full of hate people. Nobody reads philosophy, why? Because philosophy sucks!!!

People go to universities to learn shit and work at MCDONALDS!!! Knowledge is useless because all knowledge is the same!!! You can’t be rich with the same knowledge can you?

You can’t sell to people who have no money, sell to American’s they have money and buy shit because they don’t know what to do with their money.

I’m a person who has no hatred towards other cultures, nations, languages and etc. I’m just a product of my culture just like you are.

When we talk about attaining knowledge, here in Lithuania you don’t have courses to become a bicycle mechanic, because there are no courses. I would love to become system admin for linux or other types of operating systems – there’s no way to gain this knowledge!!!

People go to university to learn to do stuff, but they aren’t taught to become rich, wealthy or individualist or the employer – all they’re learning is to obey the authority.

The authority is everybody else, but not you, for some reason you don’t know.

The generation of submissive people who’ll do everything to fit in, not stand out.

The generation which would rather shock themselves repeatedly than think.

If an individual has some intellect, he will be disgusted in a fellow human being, just because people are disgusting, unless they give you money so you can pretend to be rich.

You think the rich guy will tell you the truth? Yeah, sure if you’ll pay money to him.

All rich and poor people don’t know in what game they are.

The game is simple: monopoly: fuck the rest, become the best.

When you’re rich – nobody cares if you have limbs or not, when you make sales people consider you more superior, but is that true?

I’ll ask you this question straight: is Nick better than you?

No offense to Nick, I respect you.

You see when you take away the social circle, the money, the everything and you’re left only with your body and your diseases, illnesses can you survive?

Most likely, not.

I see that society values you when you give it fluff and bullshit, when you give the truth nobody seems to care.

You can become rich? Become.

Become rich practically, not theoretically.

When everyone is cheering, that you can write a best-seller, that you’re a good writer but when the reality is nobody’s buying your books and nobody’s reading your blog.

When people care more about your background than your product.

If people, just, bought your stuff – you would become rich, you would become the next Stephen King, the next J. K. Rowling. With the nation of writers and bloggers nobody has yet surpassed the great writers of all time.

Most people want to shut you off, not tune you into high prosperity. Just because everybody wants to be prosperous. Successful, besides everyone is successful according to their own values and terms, right? Wrong, success is money.

If you can’t produce good stuff, you will never make money, right? Wrong, we have piles and piles of books filled with shit, we have millions of blogs filled with shit and yet they make money, while the real authors are starving.

You know it’s not the how to blog or how to lose weight articles and books make it into history. It’s something far superior.

There are two kinds of people, those who like what they do and those who don’t – so it’s better to like what you do even if you’re starving. You’ll just starve for awhile and then you’re gone.

Living as a writer is hard because you have two choices: write shit for people who “hire” you, because they don’t want to write that shit themselves or to create art nobody is ever going to read and be starving artist nobody gives a shit.

To spit the truth one has to have guts. People who write under pen names sure don’t want to get punched to the face for their truth.

I became a writer just because I could not stand the shit other writers give you.

As a writer one should resist to sell his skills to some fucks who want to give him a bowl full of food. Modern mainstream writing is simply garbage, it’s about who farted where.

Whenever I want to read something: I get a feeling that somebody is trying to shit into my soul instead of uplifting my soul.

There are few authors I read daily via their blog: Seth Godin and Yann Girard, because this is what I expect of a writer.

The real writer should not be a conformist, submissive, the writer should be a rebel who rebels the norm and makes a lot of enemies.

When people ask you to swallow, you have to spit it out. When people ask you to spit it out, you have to swallow.

Rebelling is what makes a writer good, rebelling to the rules set by mediocre people who simply do not think because they have no time to think due to their daily jobs or electroshocks when they’re inactive.

Writer has to provoke the thought of the people by telling people: what the fuck you are doing!

On the other hand the writer should not think instead of you, he must provoke the freedom, the lifestyle that is hidden within.

Before the machine feeds you with shit, you have a choice, but when it’s done with you – you have no choice due to fact that you’re a dead-mind-zombie-with-no-soul.