The believer

There’s a sub species of people, who just believe in everything you give them.

You would probably believe that my poop makes more money than I do.

There’s just something about those people, if not the believer – many of the bullshiters would be poor fucks just like me.

Those frequency guys, who just believe that to get all they want they just have to switch the frequency because their frequency is bad.

It’s funny how I used to believe all this shit. I was a believer, but noticed that other people – don’t think.

If a successful man got successful, he then tells that everybody can do it, as if there are rules which you have to follow.

Do some specific farts and people will like it.

I’ll tell you if you’re not good and tell the truth – nobody is going to like it. Nobody likes the truth. Everybody likes the “You can, too” story.

If you can, why haven’t you got? Why those sales don’t pump up?

Why nobody’s reading your stuff, why the “later” thing?

After years of being online I know that success isn’t in the later, it’s in the now.

If you’re pursuing something later, you’re going to be pursuing it forever because it’s always later.

Success is in the now, not someday later.

If you made a money making scheme, it must be giving money you now. If not you just created yourself a non-paying occupation, which in fact I did.

But this doesn’t make me better than most people even if the people are pricks with self-centered egos.

We, the people, are living in the collective reality, if some people know how to drive, that means they understand the rules of driving – this just means that there can be rules of how to understand the world, but then again you have to be a believer to believe in those rules.

Reinventing the rules is pointless, you just can’t make shit about frequencies and laws of attraction and other bullshit and Bob, there is no gravity in space and your pen isn’t going to fall.

People assume there are some laws based on frequencies. People become negative and pessimist due to life experience and not due to good life.

Fuck the believer.