The Accept Assumption

Everyone’s talking that the print is dying, that blogs are dying, that nobody wants to read and yet, websites like and drive insane revenues due to your expense, which is time and knowledge.

People keep accepting your content, because hey, it might make it.

Giving people the ability to post and publish their works gives us some cash so, why not? The shit content will drown in the web, because nobody’s going to find it.

The assumption is that what is accepted is the best of what can be offered.

The story on a website’s main homepage is probably the best that website has to offer.

Everyone’s looking at the stats and hoping they won’t drop. Everyone’s checking if their blogs are read and if nobody reads, they instantly assume that they’re writing and making shit.

The reality is: one book is read by one person.

Having bestsellers on your written list is huge work that is build as decades went by.

The new born author, the creator can’t just sit down at his desk, read the best work of the age and spit just to outspit it.

The art has to be nurtured and done, it doesn’t need to be evaluated and accepted by the people who simply can’t grasp the art.

When I read advice on how to write: I always stumble on this one: Show, don’t tell.

If I wanted to show something I would be a painter or a movie maker, but I chose to be a writer – to tell you shit

The websites want to show you their best supplied work, writers want to tell you stuff.

If you read books to see some beautiful words, how the sky is shinny and the weather is good then you’re not my reader – sorry.