The $1 problem

I see these kids wanting to be rich, but to be frank I got to state the obvious.

If you can’t earn $1 – you can’t earn $1 000 000, which makes most people simply incompetent to earn this kind of money.

Me included because if I was competent. I would be rich already.

I play the game in the field to win, but winning really takes a lot of work which is simply fruitless.

Back in the day I used to make money but now I just can’t understand what happened to my knowledge. I guess the market and the circumstances have changed.

When people around you get poorer, you then get poorer.

If you want to make $1 000 000, you have to be in a market which has this kind of money, because if the market is empty, you won’t make that money despite your efforts.

It’s the market that gives us money and if the market is poor then there simply is no money in it.