The fact is that many people tell lies, they don’t want you to know certains truths.

Like in money making, you don’t need to pay anybody to be rich, you just got to know certain truths. I don’t know them therefore I can’t tell you nothing about them.

People who make money by teaching you how to make money, this is a simple scheme, but if people choose to boost you up, or give you some motivations, sure they don’t have anything good to do.

Motivation and money making is a big industry. If somebody gives you money for making a sale, be sure you made them more money, if somebody buys an ad on your website, be sure they make more money from your audience.

Sales is kind of tricky, if you want to sell big – sell food, because food is a necessity

If everything told online was true, all people would to the same exact thing and be rich, but life and economics doesn’t work that way. Just accept it and swallow it.