No matter what the social outcast does, he will always be an outcast.

Unless you’re good looking, rich or famous – well not, if you’re an outcast.

Outcasts don’t fit into the norms of the heard.

The heard has it’s own standards, norms and other cliche things. Being in a heard is never an option and besides heards are dangerous.

I don’t want to write a long post about what it means to be an outcast just because every outcast knows that being one is simply loneliness – you’re never accepted.

You can do whatever you want, write books, poetry, whatever man – you will never fit in, unless you will be shoving garbage in your face on a live stream to impress people.

You know what, fuck those people, they’re the heard and you’re not.

It’s so obvious so instead of fitting in, try to contemplate a skill or a craft, not because you could show off, but because you would have something to do in your lonely “miserable” life.

Being in misery is somewhat special. You then see the real world, the world of not so luxurious. When you have nothing you see people as they are.

And they are shit. To be frank.

Now that I’ve insulted the heard, nobody will buy my stuff, poor me.