I used to like Facebook due to integrated audience which I’ve gathered over time.

I spent a lot of time on social media, it felt good, when you got a like or some views on your video, but then I suddenly received 3 blocks in a row 3×30 days, so it’s 90 days.

I sure made some enemies with my videos, some people liked it some did not.

After receiving 3rd block I decided it’s time to move out of social media and go to my personal website – best decision ever.

When you don’t pay for the service then it means you’re the product.

People spend days in facebook, creating and sharing content which is lost in the piles of old content.

Nobody really cares about you on facebook, people use facebook to show shit to their friends when in fact nobody has friends.

I have like 2 friends in real life, who are those 1000 people in my facebook account profile??? Are they my followers who don’t read my blog and don’t watch my videos? Who are those people, seriously man? Random stalkers from the web?

I learned one good lesson from Facebook and Youtube, it’s not worth building something when you don’t own the platform. They can instantly shut you off, just like it happened to me. Despite the fact that I’ve invested about 200-300€ into Facebook ads to grow my audience… this is bullshit…

Now I’m without facebook and it feels good to be on my own website, where I can build and share whatever I want and maybe someday earn some cash.


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