I’m not an expert but I think when a human smokes, his all system of fluids becomes toxic.

It’s strange that we as adults know that toxic things will ruin our bodies but we still keep on doing them.

I’m glad I quit smoking, I hope I won’t fall back.

Survival is the most essential thing in life even if life is dull and you don’t have billions of dollars.

Sure money is good it gives access to the world and freedom but you have to remember that everyone is competing for that dollar.

After smoking for a long period of time – you have to quit even when you quit there’s a lot of time that has to pass in order to clean your body from dirty fluids.

It’s not so easy for your body to flush all those toxic fluids.

If human’s body could flush all the fluids it has gathered over the years of smoking – nobody would die from cancer and shit.

But people aren’t stupid – they want to make you buy tobacco and they want you to buy the health plan in order to prevent you from smoking.

If people wouldn’t do things for capital the world would be a different place, but now profits before humans.

After years of trying to make some bank – I realized I enjoy free time. I don’t want to sell my time to some motherfucker and I don’t want to sell my health… you know tobacco, beer and junk food – I had that life, there’s nothing good in it.

I’m also not a sports guy so my best bet is to THINK what I PUT in my BODY.

If my body won’t be healthy, I will be sick and unable to walk and god knows what more bad things will happen.

Actually I want to live longer. Self-destructive behavior won’t let you live long enough.

I just want to see all these guys die who are self destructive. I generally think that a person with diseases like schizophrenia and heart disease can outlive a healthy guy who is doing that self destructive behavior.

Also Bruce Lee had that wonderful life, he’s known but he lived what? until 32? Two more years and I outlive Bruce Lee…

I think that human heart has somewhat equal amount of heartbeats. The faster it beats the less you live…

I like to save energy.

There’s a lot of bad discussion about fat people but fat people will outlive all skinny ones when there’s war or crisis or chaos.

Being fat means you just can survive for longer.

Body adapts to the lifestyle. Sometimes I think that the body controls the mind, not the mind over body. I guess things in life are just plain random.