Simple problems require complex solutions

When we think about problems, such as washing your face indoors. Or taking a dump in your toilet, we see it as simple solutions.

But in fact, to wash your face indoors despite the floor you’re living on is a very complex solution.

The complexity goes something like this.

  1. Building up the building.
  2. Making some sort of canalization through the city to that building.
  3. Creating pressure in the water stream to deliver the water to floor like 100 or 5 or whatever floor, then taking out the polluted water out.
  4. And etc. I won’t go into details.

We humans use to think that all modern solutions to our civilization are actually simple solutions when in fact it’s not simple. The city requires constant maintenance because if the shit would stuck under the city it would rise up to flood the streets of lower regions.

When we’re mad at society not giving us what we want, we just need to take a look at what we have. If there was no water system in your house – where you would find free water to drink? Since water in river streams is polluted with bacteria.

Even the homeless person has access to the toilet in a restaurant or coffee shop.

When we don’t give access to needs of homeless people, they are going to make shit everywhere they can.

Somebody has to deal with your shit…

The fact that you don’t see toilets in the city makes me wonder about the fact that people can’t really hold it in and take it to their homes.

Taking a massive dumb is really complex problem and it requires a complex solution otherwise everything is going to be filthy which will make people shit in water streams.

When we look at this problem we see that the earth is filtering out our crap from the water.

When I see people polluting the water, I see people not caring about the environment. Canalization is an old complex invention.

When I think about water pollution I realize that all water animals are taking dumb into the water – when we think about shit, we realize that shit itself is part of the ecosystem due to fact that human and animal crap is food for some insects.

The ecosystem itself is a complex system.

People living in a complex environment can’t expect simple solutions to make life better. Complex problems require complex solutions. Period.

When I think about problems, the first problems to solve are the problems of humans. Because for a specie the self is the most important specie, we don’t want to pollute the environment, but we also don’t want to save other species, just because the thing is adaptation.

When the ecosystem changes, life environment changes to the lifeform thus making it adapt or die.

Every species needs an environment to survive when environment changes the species changes.

For a human being it’s easier to change the environment than change the animal species itself. When adaptations takes so long, the other organisms simply die out due to changed environment.

As journals of science tells us that 1.9 million animal species have gone extinct

And the rate is 1000 times faster, we can’t really know what makes the species extinct, but what I know is if animals have gone extinct in the past that means the environment has always done some changes to itself.

When it comes to human influence, we can know that humans are a part of the ecosystem, which makes the ecosystem simply normal.

Humans are indifferent. Humans aren’t exceptional, humans are normal.

When it comes to the ecosystem, everything that pollutes it will go extinct because the specie itself will no longer be sustainable by itself.

The Earth doesn’t care about it’s species, because there are many planets without life or any species.

Probably the purpose of the planet[or planets] isn’t to produce species.