Remember the Game

When it comes to making money, the idea is pretty simple: do something for a reward.

It can be writing books, doing stand up comedy. Fucking a girl, as long as you get monetary rewards.

The real reason poor stay poor is not because they want to be poor, can you show me  a guy who doesn’t want access to all the resources? I bet you can’t find one.

Nobody wants to be poor.

I like the idea of games, in games everybody can be rich and have access to resources. This means exactly the thing I’m about to say: everybody knows how to be rich. period.

The real problem in the real life is that riches are very hard to attain for people who have no resources: knowledge, time, access to land, and etc. Selling is pretty easy – it’s just an exchange. When you have something somebody wants it’s very easy to sell because sales is just barter but with money.

It’s easy to do barter when you have something somebody wants.

But how do you get that something?

To make money out of nothing, you have to produce, serve, create something that costs you nothing or is very cheap to attain in massive orders, you then distribute.

The main thing people want is food. Food grows on its own, like apples. You just plant a tree and wait for it to grow up. Pick up the apples carry it to the shop and boom – you made yourself some money.

Nobody tells the secret where to get your first apple for free, where to get the free seed. to plant the apple tree.

The other thing is that your effort is not valuable, if you want to earn money you have to produce value. Not all value is equal.

Look at games, you can spend one minute generating one resource which doesn’t sell and you can spend one minute gathering one resource that sells. Which one would you choose? Of course you would choose to gather a resource which has some value in the market..

In real life we don’t have things like auctions, where we wake up look at the auction and then go after some resource to make cash. In real life you don’t have the access to resources. Most lakes are bought out, forests are private and etc.

When you have no access to resources, you then can’t sell those resources.

The only resource modern man has is his time, therefore all people sell their time.

But as a person who wants to live, you have to figure out a way how to buy time. The more time you have the better.

In games you have access to the world, the world is there for you to extract as a player, but in real life you just haven’t got the access if you don’t own the land.

You can go and pick up trash on the streets, but there’s no demand for trash – nobody’s going to pay you money. Unless it’s the interest of the government.

You can write books and create, it costs nothing, but if you have no demand in the world – nobody’s going to pay you a dime.

Therefore not all actions are worth something.

Which brings me to the point. As a guy owning a laptop, you want to create a demand for yourself. Because when you have no demand and have no access to resources, you can only sell your time… slaves sell time, not because they want to, but because they have to…

The problem with products, some products for some people have simply no value, when people don’t see value in your products they are not going to exchange with you something more valuable.