The secret should be about money, my father was killed due to fact that he had some.

He travelled to Poland during the breakdown of CCCP.

There were no rules, anybody could do anything, steal, rob, rape and kill, just name it.

tv tower in vilnius

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People had some joy when becoming free from Russia, Lithuania got it’s independence, people went barefoot against tanks and protected the Tower of television, built by russians from russians, it kind of makes me laugh with sadness in my heart.

Some people were killed and the nation can’t forget them, every freaking year they do the same sad party of remembering those people, when you see a tank, fucking run you motherfucker!!! fuck the nation, fuck the patriotism, save your life…

Suicide is called a heroism. Ok, whatever. I don’t do rituals, I don’t bow to the dead. I don’t go to graves to pray and shit, because the dead don’t care about my prayers.

I’m kind of being a cynic. It wasn’t a war and it made my think now Lithuania is free and has nothing, bum country where 30% people are staving.

My father got killed during those times, I don’t remember how he looked and what he was like, leave the dead alone.

The secret to have is the secret how one earns money, because all conflict always happens due to financial interest, have too much, they will steal it or kill you, Lithuania is more like russia with all these negative people and gray houses which gives me depression everytime I look out the window. Because I’m living in this gray neighborhood.

On the other hand how the corrupt countries can be happy? Happiness comes from money and good sex, good food and fun work, good health and lets be honest, most don’t have it. If people had money, nobody would need loans, if people would have pussy nobody would need porn – it’s the issues of a man.

A typical man has no pussy if he has no money, This is being honest.

Okay man, I’m happy with my freedom that I can write shit about the government but that’s all I’ve got. A fight I can never win. Another freedom of a man is to download movies from piratebay. Click websites, this is what you get for being a man who does not obey and bow to rules of the oppressor.

On the other hand – if you have some sanity, you will withdraw from society. It’s sort of a paradox that you hate people due to past behavior of people but yet you write for people.

The best thing life can give you is good friends you want to be with, but when everybody’s working, drinking, smoking and not thinking it makes you the one who actually does some mental effort.

I think there should be secrets to wealth just because not everybody is worth that wealth. Being worth is another topic, but I think money is a scam, even giving to one million people for free is hard, so how can you make one million in sales, I just don’t get it.

There must be someone I don’t know, a person who makes those big deals, makes million dollar profit in one sale. Sure, he could sell my crap to people.

How can one be productive if he doesn’t have any time?

Even the lousiest article takes time to write and it’s an unpaid work. Those writers who make good buck writing stories know something I don’t if I knew I would make a good buck, this proves my title, they have secrets.

If people tell their secrets to wealth don’t they get competitors? Who do the same and deplete the market?

If Stephen King made millions if not a billion with writing don’t tell me writing is a bad occupation to have.

If there are people living from the web wealth by writing garbage, don’t tell me blogging is a bad occupation.

It must be good if so many people do it. Sure the competition is stiff, but if it would be easy – everyone would bank some good fucking cash.

People who step into the writing life will be discouraged by the fact that writing is dull and boring and takes one hour to write 1000 word article, not article a poor, lousy story which will not benefit anybody in the society of dull people who instead of reading gold read garbage like newspapers and news portals, the farts of the society, the gossip.

I’m already prolific, I have like 2000 stories written over the year, two books, some shit got deleted but whatever, I don’t care.

I would fuck a woman ten times a day than write ten stories a day. But if I could fuck a woman to be inspired it would be great, now I simply have no inspiration.

When it comes to writing thoughts and stories I need no inspiration but when it comes to fiction I got to invent shit that’s appealing to the reader, fuck the reader who does not give me money, fuck you!!! It sincere, but harsh.

Reader would think – you should enjoy that I read your shit, but in the end it’s the reader who makes or breaks the writer. If writer has one million readers, he is a millionaire. But if he has only one, he is worth 1$.

By pursuing certain styles and ways of writing we should pick something that interests us as writers.

As a writer I don’t enjoy poetry, fiction and fluff, I became a writer because over 30 years I didn’t find many things I would like, so I decided – fuck that, I’m creating that shit if it’s not there. I will write it and after long boring miserable life I will read it to regain my sanity when I’m an old fart living in a nursing home with the other mental ill and insane – I hope this doesn’t happen but my future is non optimistic.

I had the vision where I’m the king of underground but now I realized I’m the king of the lazy prolific people who never achieved anything in their life despite their efforts.

Achieving shit is hard because you have to prove all those naysayers and motherfuckers who chug beer every freaking day and tell you that you should not write because you’re a nobody, you never worked in your life, you never this, never that and you never, ever, ever, forever and your book sucks.

Not having money, being a lowlife is a way of life, a way of misery, negativity and pain, yet the best writers in history are those who give you sincere shit about life and that other people don’t want you to be successful, why you? why not them?

The audience of poor people can’t make you rich, while the rich audience reads inspiring fluff or how to fix a computer or upload a video on youtube. Fuck them. I won’t tailor my writing to anybody because I’m not here to fit your needs, your desires or your dreams and I’m sure not to give you some shit where you’re the kind of the world even though you’re disabled.

Even when life is easy, life is pretty tough mentally. You have no money, no bitch to fuck, you don’t want to work or workout because everything except writing is pointless.

I’m not here to write about marketing, or sales, or chemistry or whatever is useful. I’m here to write unsuccessful stuff for unsuccessful people, because successful, they are happy right, but they are not wise.

Wisdom comes from not having, from failing, from doing the same thing over and over. People say that doing the same thing over and over is insanity, but when you take a nail and a hammer, you hammer it in with the same action – the hammering.

So if you have a desire, you take that desire, super focus and hammer it over and over and over until you hammer it in other people heads.

It’s what you tell people to think, not what they want to think, because people don’t know what they want until they have seen it.

Stupid people do meaningless tasks, functions. Smart people build something, create.

I’m not saying that shoveling snow is bad, I’m saying that’s irrelevant to a writer unless you want to pick up a story from the experience.

You can’t write about sex when you had no sex. You can’t write about sucking a dick if you didn’t suck a dick. You can’t write about hard work when you did none. Writing is not work, thinking is not work. Work is building houses, making ships doing something real. Even the best writing is just a story in a book which is good to burn after you read it or to wipe your ass with those papers within a book.

Who cares what plato, seneca, nietzsche said? Only people like me who don’t make anything real in life, this is being sincere and honest with you. I didn’t achieved anything not because I couldn’t, but because I cared about nothing just philosophy and writing, maybe some computers.

If the market would be the same I would be rich fixing computers but the market went sideways, I thought as a teenager that reinstalling windows for stupid people is going to be my thing for the rest of my life, I grinded reinstalling from 98, 20 or more reinstall per day on my own computer until I got the right programs for a computer which didn’t make the computer crash and all that effort went to waste, because the computers have upgraded to a point where they don’t crash, back in the day there was no feedback you could send via web, because there was no web.

There was no programming tools as they are today, no freecodecamp, no nothing. I just couldn’t learn.

All my life I was an under achiever because I didn’t bother to achieve, I went for a smoke, sat in the end of class gave no shit, because I was always pursuing fun and challenge.

I became a writer and philosopher since I’ve read seneca and I realized people think this shit???? Wow, this is cool and you can write about this shit and have your own book?

Later in life I found money books which promised a fortune if I would read them, I went to business schools, seminar after seminar of business and yet I made no business and my business is writing shit and selling it.

When I sold my first book I realized I can do this shit, but it’s so hard that’s why it’s challenging.

If I will ever ripe something from writing, the easiest thing to do in history of man kind then you all hard workers can suck my cock to be honest, I say this because you build everything I use and you don’t read what I produce, so why create all the tools and all the comforts for me so I can think and write shit?

I want to repay you for your hard work, I want to produce so much that it would take a lifetime to learn something even if you don’t value it.

All the generations did the hard work so I could do the easy work. You build the world for me and I want to build your minds, does that sound fair? Because I know one or few things about the minds, the insanities, the matrix and the realities.

If people would let me, I would build generations of generations of peaceful people who don’t fight but help each other, but I can’t get to people.

I want to be in the club of the owners of the planet, because I too, own the planet.

I have this idea that if people would do what they want the world would progress way faster, but I’m not the one in charge.

If people would take LSD their anger and racism would go away because everything is somewhat without an inherit meaning.

Anger comes when a person is considering this reality a “real” thing whilst it’s just a game.

Some are smarter than others, some are stronger than others and some are just plain useless people without any secrets.