It’s been almost 10 days of non smoking, I noticed that my teeth became whiter.

Just to note a fact: when I quit smoking I had no withdrawal.

Withdrawal must be something mental due to fact that I had experienced withdrawal earlier in my life, because I tried to quit so many times.

Sometimes I lasted just few days, some times just few hours.

I somehow believe that you can’t quit by force.

When I quit, I didn’t use force of will or anything like that.

I didn’t force myself to stop thinking about smoking, I can fantasize about smoking as much as I want until I don’t do it.

When I think about smoking, I realize it is simply not worth it because 10 days is actually a big achievement for me, because I smoked since 11 grade infrequently and then 5 or 6 years everyday 17-20 cigarettes or cigarillos at max nicotine. I was used to 20+ mg nicotine per day.

I thought about nicotine therapy and other therapies, but somehow I just stopped, maybe god helped me. I don’t know.

I was actually mad at god, but I realized he gave me enough, even when I’m an atheist.

My advice would be don’t force yourself to quit, let the body do the decision, if it want’s to smoke, let it smoke and kill itself eventually.

Human death rate is 100%, if not due to one disease then to other.

I actually noticed one thing, when you hate life – you do all this destructive behavior to yourself, but when you start to love even the humblest life, you start to value it and the destructive behavior somehow stops.

I have schizophrenia so my body and mind does whatever they want, I’m sort of not in control here.

When it comes to making money, living healthy, grinding and etc. I don’t take any responsibility and let the body do whatever it wants. I feel like I’m an entity within a body – somewhat of experience, sort of.

I’m a pure thought. If I’m a thought I can write myself out and become indestructible.

I think that my occupation as a writer/blogger is going to last for decades if not an age.

When it comes do doing certain stuff in my life, I never used force, when you use force – you then have no free will. Free will basically is a mental choice, not a practical one.

By the way I started coughing less, my breath-ins are much deeper and kinda like how the air feels, when my friend comes I feel the smoke stink and I just can’t realize how I used to smoke that shit. It sure is an addiction because no normal guy who has some brains would choose to smoke.

I have to admit that nicotine is a trap, a trap where we fall into when we’re not smart enough. Young and dumb.

When I used to smoke, I had these thoughts about quitting, those thoughts would be something like this:

I will quit after I smoke this pack to the end.

I will quit later.

The tendency is to delay the quitting, but then I realized whenever I feel like I want to quit, I just throw the cigarettes out and look at what happens, because I knew that there are times when there’s no withdrawal and if you don’t try, you’re probably will miss the time when there’s no physical withdrawal.

The withdrawal is purely mental which creates physical pain.  Just because there is no reason to be in pain when you’re actually cleaning the body. Smoking is pain, not smoking is not pain, it’s a relief from the addiction which sucks you in.

We feel pain due to fact that everyone is brainwashing us by saying quitting smoking is hard, quitting is not easy. Man if it was hard and not easy – quit chance would be 0%

You’re basically losing 2 minutes x 20 times per day of breathing shit in.

It took me 6 years to realize this and come out of the bullshit.

If you believe in mind over body ideas, then you know that any addiction is in the head.

I generally believe that if a person can quit smoking, he can do anything if he really wants: get in shape, eat healthy.

Joel said: 100% quit chance is done by not taking another puff and when the right time comes, not taking a puff is really easy. But when the body wants a puff – you can’t do nothing because you’re powerless.

The first thing to quitting smoking is the loss of enjoyment in smoking, if you enjoy smoking then smoke but keep in mind that your lungs are going to melt.

I was on that road, it’s not about being aware that eventually the lungs going to melt, there’s just stuff one has to understand.

I liked to smoke, but I had some bad luck with money and it felt so bad when I couldn’t get a smoke, most of the time in withdrawal state and feeling the pain.

I can’t say that I don’t want a puff now, but I just don’t want to go through those 10 days again or maybe even worse can happen, I’ll get stuck in the same trap again.

I don’t want that.

When it comes to traps, you can’t escape them by force.

As Joel says: nicotine addiction does the talking 14 days, after 14 days you are free. But I was free since day 1, because it took me no effort.

I have no will, I don’t use force or discipline stuff just happens. I read and watched and listened to many products I stole online, all they do is give you an enthusiasm boost which farts out in the end of the day.

The body freed itself from nicotine, we’ll look at it from a longer perspective when I’m off for a year and more then I will know I’m free.

Real quitting is effortless with slight change in the behavior.

When other people go to smoke, you don’t want to join them because in fact they envy you – therefore you have nothing to be envious of.

I will do next status update on smoking after 10 days on december 1,2018.