If one print book costs 15$ and it promises 1 000 000$ in a few years.

Would you buy it?

Of course you would, because it’s a good promise.  It’s a 66666.6666667% investment, it really is worth it.

Let’s assume the book sells 10 000 copies thus delivering the 1 000 000$ promise x 10 000, how much is that? A lot, I can’t grasp this number.

So you get 10 000 competitors who share the similar knowledge thus making your chance to make 1kk$ is  just 0.0001%. The math is probably wrong.

Where I go with this is that people can’t be billionaires with similar knowledge. If there’s the same exact book on the shelve just with a different name and it competes one with another.  Then covers come into play and reputation of the author and etc. If one is no name and the other is an expert, the expert will bank and the amateur won’t because he hasn’t made any sales yet. The only way amateur can bank is when the experts book is out of stock.

Business and sales is really an interesting phenomenon.

Seth Godin will always bank more than me despite the amounts of work I put into writing due to fact that he has an established audience, reputation, sales, businesses and etc while my reputation is nearly destroyed due to fart videos and other nonsense.

When it comes to sales and book sales and business sales it’s who you know not what you know. If your social circle consists of drinking people who don’t work and live on a dole – your chance to earn million bucks is nearly zero percent due to your background, you can attend all the seminars in the world, you just can’t trick people.

When you read business books from amateur authors you can notice it just by looking at the content, everything is so beginner.

You don’t want to buy this seminar where it teaches you how to make money on autopilot, because sales he makes are just 2 dollars per day. You don’t want to learn from this guy about sales… You want to learn from guys who make millions from sales…

Since I’m not the guy whom you go to learn about sales yet.

The funny thing is that I’ve finished a degree in business, I know how to do business theoretically but they never taught how to do a sale.

PS [theoretically I know how to sell ads on your website, you just google relevant keywords for your blog and look at firms that advertise and write them an email].

PPS [I can’t test it yet because currently I have no traffic]

PPSS [nobody’s going to find your blog without marketing]

Creating viral content is way harder than writing about how to create viral content. I had some viral posts on medium – it was pure luck.

The best way to be in business is to be in business.

I had this thing about teachers who teach programming… If they’re so good at programming why don’t they program code??? Why do they teach. Some say that teachers are the worst specialists.

When I was learning business, I was taught by people who don’t own a business.

I bet the best way to learn business is to go to work for a boss for free. To see what he’s doing different from other people.

I told myself once I will make money online and won’t get off the computer until I do.

I made some bank online I know this thing works.

I don’t want to give you tips on what works because I don’t know, yet. I can give you tips on what doesn’t work.

  • Writing a blog without marketing doesn’t work.
  • Buying traffic to a page which isn’t made to convert doesn’t work.
  • Buying respect doesn’t work.
  • Doing boring stuff over and over doesn’t work.
  • Brute forcing people to watch or to read doesn’t work.
  • Interrupting readers with ads and popups doesn’t work [when people are on pornhub they want pornhub, not your fucking blog]
  • Short books don’t work.
  • Writing whatever you want doesn’t work.
  • Doing webcam vlogs doesn’t work.
  • Doing quantity doesn’t work.
  • Buying trust doesn’t work.

What worked for me is being true person and not a liar.

While having a lot of traffic you can bank a lot of sales. Despite my little traffic I had some decent bank. Had some decent opportunities. Shifted my life, can’t say that I changed it, yet.

From emotional standpoint:

  • Crying doesn’t work.
  • Complaining doesn’t work.
  • Negativity and poorness attracts poor people.
  • Stupidity attracts stupid people.

If you want to attract smart people – write smart crap.

If you want to stand out, never try to fit in…

Fitting in isn’t worth it when standing out comes naturally.