The thing is that if one smokes cigarettes and drinks beer and is eating processed foods, he won’t feel good.

Few things everybody can do:

  1. Quit smoking – currently non smoker for 3,5 days, had no withdrawal.
  2. Stop drinking beer and other alcohol and drink just water.
  3. Maybe stop eating processed foods.

If you’re a person like me who is lazy to exercise – you should think what you put into your body.

I been smoking since 11 grade, so it’s 12 years? I’ve been enjoying junk food but then again I got fat.

Changing your habits and your behavior is really hard, don’t believe those guys who tell that it’s easy.

Changing one’s diet will be much easier than going to the gym and lifting those weights. Personally me – I don’t need any muscle.

I would build muscle if it had some practical benefits but I don’t have to lift or move anything in my life so having muscles would be kind of useless and besides I’m freaking lazy.