Writing Improvement Software

I have to admit. If it wasn’t for a computer – I would have a life. A fucking sad miserable life, but now I have a computer and can be a writer who can share his work to all over the world without using paper and maybe I’ll save a tree or more during my life time.

When it comes to computers, you want them safe and secure – that no fuck could ever watch you through your webcam while you’re typing naked right after shower – you can’t expect that from windows computer.

I had this idea, I liked in ubuntu.

The software you can use in a computer is in the repository of the operating system, you just sudo apt-get install, and you have software on your computer – how cool is that? I don’t want to click the next, next, next button. Even when I’m advanced amongst the noobs I chose chromebook, because ubuntu sucks.

I had installed it recently on my friends computer from a minimal USB and the version upgraded. I did a distro upgrade and that shit broke!!!

Everytime I had used Ubuntu or Windows or MAC – some shit just breaks and those problems occur over and over and over.

You can’t expect some pirated software to do good for your computer. And windows, man, it’s fucking expensive!!! OS should cost 5 bucks and not $199 because this is ridiculous for a software that just fucking breaks on you everytime.

Today computers are good when you don’t do anything with them.

As a advanced amongst the newbs user I can say computers are just problems and problems. When I install windows 7 on a new pc, there isn’t’ a driver to connect to the web to download the drivers, oh man – sucks!!!

When I install ubuntu, the latest, I can get all the drivers out of the box – it’s cool.

You want software to always upgrade and be a rolling release like chrome, but if your software always breaks after an upgrade – your software sucks!!!

The problem with auto updating software is that it doesn’t ask you about the UI changes, whenever you like it or not – you have to use it!!! It sucks man.

It’s not the UI that makes a computer good, it’s the functionality.

If you want a good calculator, you buy it with lots of functions, not just with addition and multiplication.

Google seriously you should send me a new chromebook, because 16GB of hard space is ridiculous!!! The matrix trilogy from piratebay and my ssd is full!!! in this modern age!!!

You don’t want to make slow computers cheaper, you want to make fucking fast computers cheaper!!! I don’t want to miss out on speed because I has no cash!!!

1000€ for a computer is ridiculous man!!! When people earn 400€ in europe,lithuania. You have to work 2,5 months to get a computer in this age of abundance, people you must be joking!!!

Computers and games are for the poor, real life is for rich, man!!!

200€ computers suck!

I need computational power to hack the matrix, maybe my computer doesn’t have the resources to hack reality I don’t know – Google give me some more power!!! Free of course.