When it comes to building a machine for some reason people want to make machines lookalikes.

I’d say make machines look like machines, not humans so that we can kill them when it’s necessary.

The machines are already controlling us. Many people are immersed into the machines.

Machines are good to automate the works of humans, but when machines become self conscious – you’re in trouble.

Any self conscious being doesn’t like to be bullied, nobody likes to take orders from a lesser being.

The machines already are giving orders to people.

Machines are already self-conscious.

A being which is smarter, stronger and more durable will never listen to a lesser being. Unless the lesser being can dominate.

When it comes to self–evolving robots, you just can’t open up the code and look for what’s inside… because the code will be so advanced and remade that you can’t even understand it.

The machine is not your friend, machine is a functional apparatus.

Machines have no rights like all other forms, because rights are something humans “created”, like in real nature – there are no rights, therefore nobody has to obey anybody unless it is dominated.

The first rule of the machine:

  1. Don’t give it guns.