He who doesn’t have anything in his life might be lost in a digital age.

If a person doesn’t have anything to lose, he has his life to lose, therefore everybody has something to lose and to fight for.

Rebelling and going against the grain is what makes true heroes, true thinkers, true freedom seekers and in general people who are simply lost amongst us all.

The biggest and most marvelous writers were only discovered and valued after their death, so as a writer one must write something so significant that it would stand the test of time.

In fact due to being lost one has to come up with a greater book than a bible. It stood the test of time while other stuff was just forgotten.

Works of writers are being rediscovered by new young people, old stuff has the basic wisdom whilst new stuff is trying to pollute your soul due to fact that it is made for profits. It is not marketing that will stand the test of time, not sales, not business, not ai, but philosophy of a simple man just because with the extension and augmentations of the AI we will become even more primitive and have much easier lives and thus everybody will fall into depression due to easy life people have made for themselves.

What do you do when you don’t have to do anything? What will you do when you have it all and your body is re-recovered? What do you do when the society doesn’t require you to do anything?

You will lose yourself, sure making predictions about the world is hard while one’s will be traveling and having fun, others will be emerged in books seeking the meaning of a dull and AI augmented life which requires no effort.

One man can’t insist on change. If, when, society changes to make one insignificant man feel found and not lost, not ignored, not understood,not laugh at, but instead valued despite his beliefs and values he has and fights for. Then the society is awake, but when society doesn’t see itself as a mechanism and is more disconnected and connected with gadgets and computers and stuff – everyone will feel alone and lonely, just like the thinkers of old times, who sat quietly while inscribing texts into history and shaping the history of thought.

Only due to strong minds of the past one has the ability to do nothing and to wander within his mind, to go from sanity to insanity and back, genius always leaves a mark in history big or small.

Minds filled with garbage can only produce garbage. If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good, who is the better man? The one who discovers himself or the one who discovers the furthest object in the universe, who? These are two men and they are smart enough to not do the same thing. Because when two men do the different things they can exchange their ideas, the one’s who seek wisdom from within and those who seek knowledge from without.

Those who are lost will be found and those who are found will be lost.

Whenever you leave a mark in this planet or you don’t, whenever you embark on a journey an epic journey to find yourself or you do the dull, dangerous and dirty for profit which gives you nothing more than a bowl of food.

Will the locked break free?

When a man finds what he is best doing, he should do it with all his love, if he desires to leave a mark that might stand the test of time. One has to be greater than life can offer. He must carve his own path, the path that is non seen so clearly, the path most don’t go and don’t want you to go.

Life is not what you experience, life worth living is what you leave for other to experience, the depths, the inns of the self.

A man who sees beauty in horrible places, a man who sees horror in beautiful places – he sure must know he is a different man, he who is different makes the difference, not those who are the same.

A child is born into a quest and then he loses himself to the society, gets stuck in misery without any meaning or purpose and is an enemy to god which not gives him what he desires, the one who not takes, but forces the world to give to him, he who forces god to bow to him, he who drives god insane, the one who makes reality shift to him, he is not a king, he is a simple man who shifts the world to be according to his will. He who has the force to shift the course of humankind, should he do it or not?

Or should he leave those who made him lost to their own misery, or should he hope to be reborn.

I never seen difference in happiness and fulfillment, but I’ve seen misery and purposelessness, meaninglessness, but is our own pain meaningless? Are we meaningless? If you are meaningless, go fix computers, go shovel snow, go dig water, go and do things that have no meaning if you are meaningless.

To be found.

To be seen as a man of wisdom and thought, and not a silhouette of the shiny, pricy but worthless.

A man has the power to shift history which is yet to come. A man has a tool to give orders without leaving his comfort and one must give orders if he wants to be in charge because the flock doesn’t know where to go without the one who stands up and rebels his way to a better future, when you are not going in the same way as the flock – your body will be crushed and pushed into its center, to the self.

He who carves new paths of wisdom to those who might follow is the one who will have the most miserable life, meaningless and dull, full of disappointment life.

I’m epic, therefore I philosophize.

I’m epic, therefore I do what I do.

I’m epic, therefore I don’t have to listen to anybody.

I’m epic, therefore I rebel

I rebel, therefore I’m epic.

It’s not how the man is seen. It’s how he feels inside, he must not believe lesser men or greater men who fill him with doubt, the one who listens will be misguided, lied to and detoured.

If he wants an epic life, he must do what he knows best, he has to decide what is important to him, all we have today is the result of thought and work.

So let the intelligent tell and the strong do.

Weaker the body, bigger the mind.

One who is lost will never be found if he can’t find himself.

To be found.