I know many people think what other people think, but this is not the case.

I know it’s really hard to be liked by other people, especially when you’re mentally ill or a cripple or in any other way disabled.

It takes a long time to be liked by people. I can state the fact – if 10 people like you and are loyal to you, you’re going to be liked by many more people if you’re going to stick to your routine.

I can admit – I have no life, I invest my life in building my intellectual assets and I can assure you sticking to a schedule is really hard when you actually try to do it.

Some people are just afraid of you, some are curious. Sure I could invest in ads and other form of exposure, but it’s not worth shouting in a noisy world. The ad effect is really temporary. I’ve tried it many times.

I’m now interested in organic growth. Natural growth. Slow growth.

I had many subs on my youtube, but did few resets, so kind of know that my garbage that I write here has demand. It just takes time to prove your ground and you really want to prove people everything.

You need social proof, because if nobody is doing business with you then it scares the crap out of other people doing business with you.

That’s because nobody reads blogs other people don’t read and nobody watches videos without social proof. Only some people dare to sub to you or read you. Social proof is a must.

When some people value your work then many more will come. It’s just how things work.

In my blog. I don’t write fluff and bullshit. I don’t market it, if people will like it, they will come.


But keep in my that if you don’t trust yourself – nobody’s going to trust you.

It takes a lot of consistent work. Just show up and try your best.