When I was little I thought that life is something beautiful. I thought I would become rich eventually. I really enjoyed life when I was little.

But when I got older I realized life is full of scam – people want to exploit you and steal your money and do bad stuff to you.

Then I became a pessimist. I’m currently a no lifer, because the outside world sucks.

I hardly finds things to appreciate, but when I find them I try to appreciate them as long as possible.

When I was little I thought everyone here is friendly but then came to realization that Earth is mostly hostile. There are lions who want to bite you. I always thought I was someone special. You know I thought humans were special, but I realized that humans are just another species.

I didn’t know that before I grew up.

Little knowledge of the external world gives you a lot of good moments. But there’s a day when you got to pull your shit together.