Investing your life

You can have the life with all colors, you can work, earn money and then spend it or you can choose to invest your life and pay the price now, so you could pay any price later.

Building communities and attracting attention is really hard, you can’t imagine how hard it is until you’ve tried it.

At young age people assume they’re failures, but the more you fail the better.

It’s good to have an occupation, where you build your own asset instead of going to work in a corporate job, where you build an asset for somebody else.

Working for yourself is really hard, especially when you’re a nobody.

Success takes freaking long time. And most don’t want to work without benefits and many people will bring you down, say that you’re a failure, say that you don’t have the life and you lurk on the computer everyday.

It’s hard to find friends, it’s hard to build an asset and it really is hard to make money.

Especially for social outcasts.

It’s good when life is good for you, but for somebody life always keeps breaking and knocking them down.

Sure you can have the life, nobody can tell you that you can’t.

But people who invest their life in crafting their skill will always have more than you.

Life is a grind, you always keep on pushing that rock of yours.

Invest your life now, so you can get what you want later. Everybody’s talking about delaying gratification and delaying gratification is really hard, when everyone tries to bring you down.

It’s just life.