Intro to Torture

When it comes to being human, it’s kind of a sick experience due to various thoughts that one has. Thoughts can be so nasty but it can feel good.

For me torture looks better on paper than in real life. In real life torture is simply a blood splatter

Torture is used to extract data from the brain via the mouth.

Some people just know too much, everybody who wants special data uses torture, just name it: the army, the police, the terrorist, even your local dentist – they all use torture.

Good torture causes a lot of pain with insignificant damage to the body, if you shoot the guy in the head – you’ll instantly kill him thus making it not a way of torture.

People who feel no pain are immune to torture.

Every person has a pain meter within, when that pain meter reaches its peak – you’ve got your answer.

If you want to extract answers – you got to know something about torture.