The main problem is that people don’t have enough resources.

Sure you can learn something online, but you’ll never learn to be a dentist online or a surgeon, online you can only learn skills which are used with computer.

It’s not what theoretical knowledge we have, it’s about practical experience we have.

If you dedicated all your life to learning new things online, you’re most likely will be useless. If everyone having a computer wants money online then your chances are so slim no matter what value you offer.

So if you dedicated all your life to learning new things and you can’t sell yourself, sell your knowledge this means you haven’t learned anything useful thus making you commercially useless.

Commercially useless people can only sell their time to do dull tasks, like sweeping the floor or shovelling the snow.

When it comes to commercial knowledge – not all knowledge is useful.

If one committed to self learning philosophy, he won’t ever find a job. Because there are no jobs with title: philosopher wanted, and if there are, they want you to be an academic.

When the world becomes so hard to understand from a knowledge based standpoint gaining that knowledge will be harder and harder.

Today the market has the need for specialization, super laser targeted knowledge, but when a human being spends his entire lifetime learning certain knowledge, he then becomes useless when the market changes. And the market changes so often thus making the adaptation really hard for some people.

I started this blog to explain certain things, just because nobody ever explained these things to me. Which has made me clever in the field of philosophy and meta-physics if we can call it, but my knowledge is theoretical which is the base of philosophy.

Knowledge which isn’t used practically is simply commercially useless.