Always invest in yourself – no matter what, become an ever growing person who grows day by day.

Investing in yourself can be tricky

People around the world are poor even though there’s so much abundance. Investing in yourself can solve many problems in your life.

Many people drink beer, watch TV and just don’t do the hustle.

I used to be like that in my youth. I somehow thought that money will come to my life and I waited and waited and nothing ever came.

Then I decided to invest into myself.

Due to lack of money. I started listening to audio books from piratebay, because over the years I’ve realised that knowledge is power. Without knowledge people are useless.

Many people invest in themselves wrong.

You see all these people traveling the world just to show of. They spend their last cast not to build something amazing, but to have an experience which is temporary.

Young people have no enthusiasm. Young people don’t believe that this major abundance can give them things they need, want and desire.

Let me tell you straight – your experiences are useless when you have no skills to deliver them.

If people don’t know how to sell and make profit they will be poor for ever and you really don’t want to be poor in this world because this world can offer so much – yet many see problems, not opportunities.

I used to have a mindset that the riches of this world aren’t for me. That people have to be special to be rich but that’s not truth.

I’ve been dreaming about cash day and night and yet failing to do something about it.

Since the beginning of the web, I wanted money from the web and I kept learning and learning but withhold myself from action.

Your knowledge is useless if you don’t take any action.

There are so many problems to solve and stuff to sell that you don’t even imagine.

Sure everything takes time, you can’t expect to build a massive online business just over night if you’re working alone and have no money to invest into marketing.

You learn by doing

I told many times that you learn while doing and not fantasizing. Sure day dreaming can be good, but dreaming never delivers the results.

Imagine me: wanting to quit smoking, but I can do this only when I take action and commit to it. If I spend a day or few without smoking and then come back to smoking – my efforts will go to waste and I will have everlasting withdrawal from nicotine.

Imagine me: wanting to lose weight and build some muscle, or do some yoga but if I don’t change my food – my efforts will be useless.

Imagine me: wanting to travel around the world and gaining new opportunities. I could never achieve it by sitting and watching the TV.

I have to invest in myself if I want to achieve more.

Minor Changes

You don’t have to change every habit you have

man smoking outdoor

Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

Small changes you do every day can drastically change your life during the long period.

Creating your own job can make the difference over the long run. Sure I’m not officially employed anywhere, but when I’m self employed, I know that nobody will ever take this job from me.

I hate the term job. Job is something nobody likes to do.

To quit smoking you just have to never take another puff but sometimes it’s just too hard.

Everything in life should feel naturally. Even if sometime it feels like you’re an alien in this planet – many people feel this way.

You need comercial competence. – Jordan Peterson.


Life can offer so much to you – you just need to take it but some things take more effort than just reading an article.

Think, if you’re living in America – you have so much opportunities. It’s harder for me because I live in Lithuania but then again being online gives me access to citizens of America.