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The main thing about money is that you need to think about abundance.

Think how many people are getting richer and richer. What makes them different from you?

Imagine one has no money at all. No skills. No marketing abilities and no reputation or credibility.

First thing to do to attract money is to gain commercial competence.

If people can make money doing porn or writing books this means that you can make doing absolutely anything.

My field is writing, so I do everything to get competence as a creative writer/blogger.

I spend my time watching videos, reading blogs and listening to audio books – this increases my knowledge in topics which have some interest to me.

I spent time creating blogs which had just few clicks, sure I wasn’t successful as a writer at first. Nobody read my stuff, then I wrote a book and made an audio from it – put it on Youtube – to gain respect as an author.

Doesn’t matter what you’ll choose in life as long as you stick to it till your life ends.

You can pick easy things like writing, but mastering writing is really hard.

Or you can pick a hard thing and master it.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

Think about your hobbies and things you’re good at. If you don’t have any – pick one.

Then you want to build up your skills, go to the university or be a self-taught. It really doesn’t matter how you get your skills.

Then when you have skills, but fucked up your reputation in the past – you want to change your behavior and get some integrity.

Sure may sound hard, but people can’t laugh or be disappointed in you forever, if you’re doing the good stuff.

Then you want to get out into the world. Create a product or order other people to create products for you, or sell somebody else’s product – opportunities are limitless because there are many complains.

If you are poor at current moment – you want to change your mind which eventually will change your actions which will form new habits.

If you have no income – your job is to get that income.

Increasing income is really easy. Go to craigslist or any other classified ad website and look for free stuff, pick it up if it’s good and just sell it for profit.

Even if you sell for 0.01$ you’re making profit. This is just an example, the point is that anybody can increase their income.

Okay, maybe you don’t want to get free stuff, then create information products like books, ebooks, vlogs, podcasts, blogs. Creating an information product costs nothing on Amazon Kindle.

Creating shirts doesn’t cost you anything on teespring.

I know you get the point. If you want to make 100% profit, you have to get something or build something that costs you nothing.

The next thing is to learn about the law of averages

The more people are exposed to your product or blog or vlog, the more people will like it.

When you have a product to sell you want to expose it to people. Online or offline – doesn’t matter.

If you had bad luck with getting a job or staying in a job – you should create your own job, which can be made up as long as it serves a demand.

When there’s a market and you have some competence – you will make some money.

The more competence you have the more money you will earn.

So the first and most important thing is to get theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge which can be applied in your field of choice.

When you gain the income boost – you want to invest into assets which generate you money, because even if you worked for 100 years and spent everything at this point you have no money – so work you did in 100 years is not relevant.

Skills are more important than money, because when people will lure out your money or you make a mistake – you always have your skills to back you up and then you will build up your money again due to skills you have attained.

Your choice of field in which you become an expert really doesn’t matter. You just have to like it, so you could do the grind for as long as you live.

When you have your own job – nobody can take it away from you.

Becoming rich is a choice, it’s rarely made due to luck.

If you will leave becoming rich to chance that chance might never come and what do you do then?