Many people don’t know what real failure is, they keep failing and failing and then they realize something about themselves that shocks their own world.

You become an expert in a field where you choose to fail the most.

Pick any life you want: from businessman to yogi and do whatever it takes to have the life you want.

Don’t let the world determine who you need to be.

You don’t find yourself – you pick yourself to do certain tasks which build up your fundamental knowledge and raise your competence.

You can be an academic or you can be a self-taught it really doesn’t matter when you’re good at what you are doing.

Evaluate your time, how much is your time worth? And what can you do productive with your time. Leaving everything to chance is a bad way to go.

When you fail constantly, you gain knowledge about what does not work. Then you try other options, change your methods not your end goals.

If a person has a vision of a life he wants to have, he must evaluate is that life is worth living and strive for.

You can have a life or you can invest your life to become an expert in any field you want.

My skills are talking and writing, therefore I have to build my knowledge to have something to write about.

Faster you begin to go towards your goal sooner you end up having that life you’ve always wished for.

Nobody wants to grind when the work is fruitless. But one must delay his own gratification in order to have something more in the end of his journey.

Life without purpose is meaningless. When your life has no meaning, it can lead to self destructive behavior.

Building your own commercial systems which work for you is really freaking hard.

But think about it this way, if you knew that you would achieve it – would you do it?

Future is uncertain, therefore it can be shapen in any way we prefer.

We can really tinker with reality. Sure somebody will sweep the streets, but it can be somebody else rather than you.

You don’t want to shovel snow because snow will be falling in every winter and thus you won’t make any progress and won’t build any competence.

If you’re young, you want to build yourself a foundation and then when you reach a certain point in life everything is going to circle upwards.

If you want to be a writer write 2000 words everyday for the next 30 years and it will work out.

Writing forces one to always evolve his own knowledge.