How do we determine “how and what other people think”?

Since I’m not normal and my mind is bent, but you can understand what I think looking at my written, spoken content.

We determine what other people think by their product.

Before we determine the product and categorize it we must understand what it is – is it a joke, a satire or something more serious.

If you hear a person talking all kind of nonsense, you can bet that his thinking mind is occupied, well with nonsense.

In a sense we don’t know what other people think, but if we look at the product of human thought, we than can establish what other people talk about and what are the trends.

Spoken and written stuff publically is usually the best content produced by the mind itself.

Sure we can’t assume person talks about this or that if we look at only one work, or one fragment of many works – if we want to look for thought process we must look at all the produced products of the individual.