How gamifying life could do good shit for lazy fucks like me

I’m a lazy guy when it comes to physical activity, don’t we all just want to do nothing despite everybody’s expectations?

I played games – games suck and make you a loser. Period, I rather watch some motherfucker on twitch waste his life playing a game and talking game contents, ha, ha, poor fuck. He’s worse than me, but he’s making a buck.

The problem in life is that gamifying is for losers, why? Because real people are motivated by big numbers in their bank accounts.

I played diablo II for 10 years, I sure got some diablo wisdom. And some not doing shit wisdom.

Okay, I’m also interested in numbers, just now I downloaded wp word count plugin and was like OMG almost wrote a book size posts in few weeks, this shit blew my mind how prolific I am as a beginner writer.

Every hero needs a mission, if he has no mission, he is not a hero.

A person must embark on a quest, where he will push his limits and strive to become, well, at least, the worst hero in history of the type of hero he wants to become.

As a writer, one has few quests like most people: money, fame and bitches who will suck my small not porn sized dick.

Before starting to gamify your life as a writer, you have to choose your side whenever you’re the pleaser or the rebel or you’re writing fluff for dumb people who don’t know how to install wordpress. Your side is the explainer.

The quest is to go insane with writing, go nuts with writing, to tell stories about life you dreamed of and never had and probably will never have. A story of misery, a story of doing only one thing because you don’t know how to do anything else in life.

Story after story you do your quest whilst the real people build shit and fly ships to Mars, their life must be so interesting and they must be so smart and if you’re a writer – you’re so smart but you can only type and not achieve anything in your life.

I don’t know why I’m miserable, because I’m a writer or because I’m miserable.

Anyway, a writer is a person of misery and the more he is interesting to read, you want to read about a poor fuck with small dick with man boobs and fat belly who tries to impress the world with his shit. It sure is spectacular, I have to admit.

A person, who tries to be bigger than life, well, bigger than his room, because he doesn’t go anywhere. He sits and he types his theoretical experience about life and hard work.

As a matter of fact, does it count as hard work if you did it only one day?

Modern writers are keyboard writers. I know that boring stuff attracts boring people but whatever. Real writing is boring headlines and boring stories, nolifer stories.

Writing even the best story is just sitting at your desk, matrix was written on a desk…

So how does one compete as a writer?

As lance armstrong said sometime: you compete against yourself.

This means you have to become better than yourself, you have to outgrow yourself because you can’t outgrow stephen king admit it you motherfucker loser.

Because only losers gamify their life. But if you’re a loser – be a Loser with a big L.

Be a proud loser because let’s be honest fuck achievements, fuck tattoos and fuck doing what everybody else does. You know that there are many blogs, but blogging is a task done by the minority of people. If a lot people do the same thing, you kind of won’t be rich or wealthy. Period.

If everybody is writing how to blog articles, you must write something else. If everybody is writing novels, you got to write something else. And you got to lower your fucking expectations.

Expecting makes you disappointed, so your creative focus of achievement should be in quantity because if there’s quantity there probably will be a line or two that is good despite the trash most of us write.

Don’t care about readers and writers? Rebel

Want to say that people are so fucking awesome? Become a pussy licker. Don’t let that pussy talk.

Or maybe you want to write articles for crippled people and tell them that you can be like nick? without limbs and without arms writing a best seller with his nose?

A man should have the basics: wipe his ass, shove food, drink water and breath air and make a lot of farts, be fat like homer simpson and write out his miserable misery and whine about his poor life, that life is unfair, everything is hard and gamifying life is for losers.

The journey of a lifetime begins when you pop out of a pussy. Cough some shit out while you’re being slapped in the ass by the molester doctor who took you out of your mothers pussy. That’s a fucking start of a journey.

A man has to accept two things!

  1. He is a grown up sperm.
  2. He kisses another sperm and it’s gay.

The next thing a writer has to accept is that he is a loser despite his efforts.

Because the AI is going to make you so dumb and probably the AI is the only thing that’s going to read your miserable shit, to be frank and to be honest.

If you have no enemies in your life – you are a pussy licker.

If you have some enemies in your life – you make me proud, private Johnson.

If you suck dick – you make me disgusted in you, unless you suck my dick!

If you have 700 million dollars, give me one and I will die happy.

If you have nothing in your life then you read the best blog in the world for people like you because I’m going to inspire you to do nothing!!!

Sit and do nothing and look how hard it is, most people do shit because they can’t sit and do nothing. I’m a pro when it comes to sleeping, farting and writing shit nobody reads.

First rule of writing: fuck what the reader thinks, if he would be thinking he would be writing, right? Right, this means readers don’t think and have a fucked up life because they want to be in someone else’s head which is retarded but if you’re in my head then I salute you – I will fuck you up and gamify your miserable life.

When it comes to christianity, you got to admit it’s stupid and this doesn’t make you an ignorant bastard. All religions are stupid, but when you’re stupid you got to choose: to believe in god or not, but you’re to stupid to admit that you simply don’t know.

This of course doesn’t make me any smarter than you, but I know that god gives a big fuck about my prayers, he doesn’t give me that precious millions bucks for my writing.

I got to go to gods place and tell people these fucks are scamming you, but they won’t believe me, all their beliefs are so fucked up, the church is a mad house of sinners.

If I would make a sin, I wouldn’t go to god’s house and tell the guy who listens to you all my sins. Sins must be kept a secret unless you want to go to a mental house for punching the priest in the face.

Being religious means you don’t want to look at the dark, dishonest side of life, life of rapists, child malestors, killers and other scum of the society – you want to pretend that this world is made by god, but then again, why did he make this motherfucking place? A place full of motherfuckers which I dislike, they sure dislike me.

All those bitches and guys with lambos and millions of dollars, if you’re a girl be aware of what you blow if you want to be rich.

Gamify your life, the more you blow, the more points you get. Points in your bank account. No wonder nobody blows me for six years, I can’t pay for it.

As maybach said: girls are homosapiens product which you have to buy.

And when you meet some girl and tell your struggles, she says you’re delusional man.


Fuck her if she’s a rebel who has a boss. True rebelling isn’t writing shit online, true rebelling is picking up the guns and wiping half of the world – this is what I call rebelling. Rebelling is hacking Google and blowing their computers. Rebelling is destroying the oppressor, but when rebels achieve that goal, they become the oppressor, you just can’t win without a battle. You just have to blow some people up.

A man who has no allies is just a joke amongst people who are sleeping in their heads, who consume garbage, read garbage, watch garbage and listen to garbage.

Fuck your modern culture of gamifying.

The only thing a man can do is accept that life is fucked up and he’s not the one in charge and millions of dollars he will not have despite his gamification of life.

It would be cool if life consisted of people like you? No, because dumb fucks like us can’t invent computers and electricity and to be honest most of us can’t even invent a match to light a fire and most of us even don’t know how to start the fire in an old school method, we are fucked if the smart people die.

So you see the real reason why you don’t have money? Because you’re a dumbass reading this blog!!! But you’re smarter than most, because most are retards, don’t believe me? Listen to shit they talk in conversation, it’s garbage man.

People fed by garbage can only produce garbage.

People in under developed countries are stupid, look at india, pricks wrapping their penis around a stick and doing squats – what the fuck, man? They are slim not because they’re mentally strong, but because they have no abundance in food, eat rice all your life – you’ll be a slim shady man.

People are dying because they have no food!!! whilst the world is abundant with everything, just in the wrong side of the world. Shit Americans throw out could safe all the people from world hunger, but you know – eating leftovers is kind of unsexy.

Food must be appealing and sexy and tasty and make you fat.

If food makes you slim, so it’s bad food and you’ll eventually die from eating bad food.

Good food gives energy and makes you fat if you don’t move your ass.

Gamify your life to lose weight, to exercise, to masturbate five times per day – do something with your life, you just can’t do squats with your dick wrapped around the stick, but then again, why not? Maybe stroking my gun makes me happy, maybe I like to pet the goose, maybe I like to do squats with my goose wrapped around a stick, would you maybe pay me for watching if you’re so into business yourself?

Gotta buy something with that money of yours, why not buy my t shirt?

If you had time to think you would realize you live in a puzzle game, where every motherfucker wants you to lose your mind…

Sell, sell, sell, buy, buy buy. Fuck that. I want fun! gamifying should be cool and fun, but if you have to gamify your life that means your life simply sucks!