Forming Simple Business Solutions

When it comes to business you can make money just by licking the clitoris.

You can’t imagine how many wives and women are unsatisfied with this.

All you have to do is look decent, maybe even you’ll get a fuck or two.

When thinking about business, you don’t have to think about these multi billion dollar ideas.

Some pussies want to be licked twice or thrice.

Business is providing solutions to other peoples problems, of course you don’t have to be in the pussy licking game, but you need to turn on your imagination.

Since I started working online, I earned some cash from Lithuanians which is insane!!!

You can’t even imagine what you can do in the English market, the world is full of opportunities. You just need to figure something before the market gets saturated but then again taxi drivers never have saturated market because as the day rolls the next comes in.

Some sources of income are ever lasting.

Listen to the complains.

Men don’t have pussy that’s why pussy sells, maybe some pussies don’t have a dick, it might sell – you haven’t tried it.

Just think about an idea that makes you comfortable with it.