Okay man, I’m fat because I’m in love with storing energy.

When I used to exercise with my bike I had a slim figure. I used to ride 20-50-100 km almost daily in the summer. I was at my 85 kg while drinking cola and eating chips. I just made one change in my “diet” I used to buy the smallest portion. Small pizza, Small cola, Small kebab. Everything small.

Junk food tastes so good. Junk food is also high in energy.

Big N’ Tasty – 525 calorie per item.

Coca Cola – 42 calorie per 100ml.

With my sedentary lifestyle I need like 700 calories per day because I’m inactive.

If I want to eat a lot and not gain weight I need to eat food which is low on energy. So I can shove it into my mouth as much as I want. But low on energy food is simply bad food.

When I talk about saving energy. I’m not talking about muscle mass or saving energy to lift some 250kg sofa. I’m talking about survival energy.

Survival energy is simply energy one uses to survive long while not moving and stopping the consumption of energy in the form of food.

If I’m fat 120kg an excess of 35kg – when I stop consuming food I can live for a month or even more while the skinny boy will suffer major consequences after just few days because he has no energy stored.

When we see animals like these survive in the nature!

brown sloth climbs tree

Photo by Kleber Varejão Filho on Unsplash

Then we simply know that survival isn’t about strength, intelligence or what not, survival is all about adaptation to the environment.

We store fat due to fact that there was no abundance of food, we couldn’t go to the shop and just buy it. we had to be in constant movement to gather food, fish, vegetables and we had to fight all the other animals to get the same food.

For humans to survive they have to co-work. Like the ants they co-work. Ant colonies fight with each other just because they can’t recognize the species, just like humans can’t recognize the species despite the color, culture, language, nation.

The one’s with resources will own you. When you have no resources you have to obey.

Living in a society is easy, when you’re about to die – call the ambulance say you’re hungry and you’re going to die. They will give you food.  Or go to the local market and take a dog for free – eat it like the chinese.

There’s an animal within all of us and he’s sleeping while everything is good, when everything is piece, but when shit hits the fan – the animals awakens and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We can think that we’re humans but in fact we’re animals with instincts. Our instincts make us move due to fact that our rank in society is different.

So if you’re fat – this means you’re living good and storing some energy for the bad times… 🙂

You see, when we see all these muscular guys, they also store energy but in muscles, they use muscles to lift heavy shit or punch in the face to gain resources.

IMHO: there’s no need to lift heavy shit when there’s no need to do it.

Since the body is adapting to the lifestyle and not the lifestyle is adapting to the body.

Your muscles will grow, you’ll lose fat if there is NEED for it.

The NEED can be inner or outer, for example you got a job which requires physical activity – cycle 20 km to work and 20 km from work. 40 km in total every freaking day – you would be slim as fuck no matter what you eat.

If you think you can sit on a diet for few months or go to a gym for a year – and you go back to the old lifestyle – you’ll get fat again.

During my cycling period in life I lost weight it was cool, but winter came and I got of the bike and fat just grew back then I saw that sports is kind of useless if you’re not committed to it. Dieting is also useless if you won’t commit to it.

When it comes to sports, you can’t be active for all of your life just because you will get old and get the problems of aging. I haven’t seen 90 year old dudes busting their ass in Tour de France.

In my case, the solution of fat would be:

  1. Leave it as it is.
  2. Buy weighing scales and actually weight the food you’re about to consume and count the calories.
  3. If you’re inactive – eat 700 calories and you’ll lose weight, while eating 1500-2000 calories will maintain the weight.
  4. If you’re active – it’s probably not your problem.

When it comes to being fat the body looks kind of ugly. By ugly I mean not the standard which you see on television.

*You don’t want to take my advice on losing weight because I haven’t achieved the result, this article is more about understanding the purpose of your excess fat.