You see many people have life experience, maybe it’s a good life, maybe it’s a bad one, maybe it’s you.

Let’s think about it. Good people learn from their mistakes while smart people learn from mistakes of others.

Sometimes you just have to make a mistake to know what doesn’t work.

To build an online asset use your personal experience as a foundation.

You don’t want people making your mistakes, do you?

I have an experience of a bad life that it’s sometimes hard to cope with, but then again I have experience, knowledge that is justified true belief.

You can build an asset on any experience you wish.

Life is dynamic and complex, therefore any experience of an individual is valuable.

What is valuable can be a great asset, if you make it an asset – so don’t overlook the opportunity. Many people can discourage you, but if you’re emphatic and can understand other people, then your asset can skyrocket your life and your career.

Many people skip building assets, but then again many people just aren’t rich.

If you want to be a rebel, you have to listen to other rebels, if you want to be rich, you have to listen to rich people because they have experience.

Asset building and cultivating people’s attention is really hard, but again it’s just another experience you can share.