The problem I see amongst the young is the fact that the young don’t respect the elderly.

I used to disrespect the elderly but yesterday I walked from the clinic and saw some elderly guys and gals. And it popped to my head.

If people can survive until this old age, they must be having a great lifestyle.

If you see a dude who’s 80 years old, you got to respect that dude because his lifestyle was good enough to keep him alive for 80 years.

Back in the day people died just after 30 years, so in that early age – no matter how I lived I would be dead and now, thanks to society and it’s intelligence I can live past 30 years, even when I’m seriously damaged and sick.

Despite how life sucks and whatnot – you want to live longer if you have 40 years to go maybe aging problem will be solved because aging is like 100% death rate.

If god gave us life maybe then we should be living for ever in this life, not in paradise.

Thus saying, there maybe some conspiracies out there, but I can assure you that there is no conspiracy against humans. Well, it depends on info channels you listen to.

Some information is there to mislead you.

When the life quality will get better for all people the average lifespan should increase. Someday maybe 100 years will be the average. I don’t know I can’t guess into the future, but in the past life expectancy increased so it will increase and maybe someday aging will be solved.

Aging is not biological, it’s physical as this video tells

By the way, he has an awesome beard.

In my case, I was born a philosopher and in reality I can’t solve any practical problems. You can’t solve aging with philosophy. With philosophy you can’t solve anything and it sucks. Should get more knowledge but the more I get the less smart I feel…