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Courage is a nice virtue to have, but sometimes when you go along your journey, you can get discouraged, because in life things are not easy.

Sometimes you just have to bruteforce things.

Don’t let people tell you can’t do this or that.

When you’re living think about the life you want to have, ask yourself if it would be worth living it?

That dream life of yours.

I can’t tell you how to build a business with high sales, but maybe someday I will.

There are two kinds of people: one of them limits themselves and the other thinks he is limitless.

Doesn’t matter what life you choose to lead, be sure that dots will connect in the future.

Some types of lives are harder to build than others, but you can’t build anything if you don’t have a goal.

When dealing with discouragement – ask yourself, why you’re discouraged? Maybe somebody told something, maybe you got punched in the face, there are many reasons.

But then again, why not pursue your dream life? It’s good when it’s hard. Because when you do something hard – you level up.

Many people didn’t believe I would be a writer, I always had bad grades in school and learned to write only after school, maybe I’m not perfect in grammar sense, but people can understand me easily, if they want.

I wrote a book and it’s my greatest asset.

If writing is hard then everything is hard. And I mean really, really hard.

Becoming a well known blogger, influencer is hard, because you can’t buy respect for money. During my life I made many mistakes, but then again – I have some experience.

Before you start doing something in your life, check out yourself on as many personality tests so you know what best suits your personality.

People are based on types. My type is platonic according to some Lithuanian website and the other test I did was on 16personalities my personality is ENTJ, I’m like the boss as far it tells.

I see many truths in it. I’m born to lead, but leading other people in dark paths is really difficult.

You can go ways other people walked, or you can go your own way.

Different behaviors bring different results and you’re the one who is choosing.

Choose carefully.