Delusional thoughts

One of delusional thoughts is that your thoughts affect the world. Good thoughts make you feel good and bad thoughts make you feel bad.

I’m trying to be as close to “reality” whatever it may be.

But I’m constantly feed by delusions of other people and I actually see how people are deluded.

If I wake up with a plan in my head, I got to act to make that plan happen, but then again my actions aren’t going to make something big in the world.

Want money sell shit… because there is no other way to make money… Money comes from sales… Sell your pussy, sell your dick, do blowjobs whatever makes you kickin’

But when it comes to livelihood, I can say that law of attraction is simply bullshit.

I’ve been dreaming about traveling to Paris since 15 years old. so it’s 15 years of thinking about Paris and it did not happen, I was dreaming about rich lady – did not happen.

I noticed that some things happen according to LAW OF ATTRACTION and some do NOT.

In my observations of life. I realized my thoughts do not affect the physical world.

Let’s say it’s raining outside and I want it to stop! So does my mind stop the rain or does the rain stop itself? Let’s assume I want to move a coin on the table to the left. I do my best mental thought process thing and yet the coin doesn’t move until I lift my finger and interact with the world.

So in a sense I know that I can interact with the world. I can interact with people, I even bet that sales experts can’t sell anything while their underwear is full of shit.

In a way I realized that your success depends on other people, if people like your shit – boom you’re successful. But if people don’t care and misunderstand you – you won’t be successful, ever.

Negative or positive thoughts have no effect on the world.

If you got punched in the face, would you be so positive about that? And told the world, common give me one more punch?

If your life is on the downside – you just can’t change your attitude and expect everything to be okay. Attitude doesn’t change anything.

If the explosion ripped of your two legs, would you be positive about life? Sure, you could be or could not be.

All philosophers of the past told that life is a struggle. It’s like pushing the rock up the hill. If life is a struggle then it means life’s hard, harsh and unfair and there simply is nothing positive to it. Sure you can be all positive about that, but then again – you’re probably deluded.