When you look at the scope of human intelligence, when you look at what is made by humans, from space travel to outer space messages, you realize that you are mindless.

What’s your purpose in life and how can you make billions of dollars if you’re mindless.

This makes a smart man wonder what other kind of knowledge is out there.

If one is smart, he is always in doubt of the knowledge he has. He’s always doubting.

Knowing things is just one thing, but actually understanding things and remaking them is the other thing. Most people don’t know how to make electricity or a match to start a fire. Many people don’t even know the basic technology what to talk about advanced technology.

And you see many people walking proud pretending that they “know” something when in fact their heads are empty as just flushed toilets.

When you look at the scope of known knowledge which you don’t know and when you think about the unknown things you start to realize that indeed – you are mindless.

And yet again – the knowledge you have is just a belief.

To become an innovator – you have to go to companies or universities that are innovative, otherwise you’ll never make an innovation. If you’re smart – you’ll rediscover things which were discovered many years ago.

Then again you should be grateful to society for what it made you. because without society you would be a tarzan or a mowgli, a monkey without hair.

Many people walk around the streets hating the planet, hating each other without even realizing the advantages this society gave them.