Torture is never personal. Torture is a business, business of cruel people who take on cruel means in order to achieve somewhat insignificant information.

When it comes to torture – you don’t want high pain spikes, you want pain to build up.

Boiling a man is the best form of torture. Every person who has some intelligence in his head will understand what’s going to happen if he’s ain’t talkin.

While being boiled when you’re dead is nothing spectacular, being boiled while you’re alive is somewhat a good show, a good way of spending your time as a torturer.

Torturers make people feel, I see these kids slicing their hands with razor blades just to feel alive. They want to feel that they’re alive because deep inside their soul is simply said – dead. Afterall how do they know how it feels to be alive? They most likely know how to be in pain, not alive.

Want to feel alive? Ask your local torturer to boil you and you’ll feel good and alive whilst your soul is long dead.

green barrel

Stole it

To boil a person, you only need a barrel, some water and some neat heaters can be electrical or oldschool with fire and shit.

You know the feeling when it feels a little too hot?’

It’s going to feel real bad for someone who’s in the barrel.

But you have to remember, torture is never personal.