If people believe in gods and hope that someday something good will happen then it might be that people can believe anything with enough “evidence”.

There are many people talking about gods, therefore there are churches and other structures which market the idea of god.

But you have to admit one thing – belief is a very, non intensive behavior of the mind. You don’t think – you believe.

To prove that praying to god is an useless concept. I pray that lightning struck you this moment. And you’d then realize that people can interfere with “plans of god”.

There are smart people believing various claims due to evidence, but you see with abstract things you can create evidence for yourself.

Enough people claim the evidence then it becomes a sect.

If you have a sect, you can then make money.

You see if a breatharianism was a thing, then nobody would die in German Concentration Camps from starvation in fact world hunger wouldn’t be a problem because at any time you could switch to BREATHING, RIGHT?

You can’t die if eating is just an addiction.

It’s easy to get lost in claims of random people when they’re self proclaimed experts.

Then again, when you’re in a sect you have different opinions and values and rules. The Sect “How To”.

Believing in Gods is mythical understanding of the world.

Because all people are deluded in a way, you want to be in a group which is the most close to reality. Therefore science which studies the chemical, biological and physical world. You don’t want to believe in something that is ungraspable.

People think that the body is somehow like the car and the self is the driver, but when you get a hard hit with a car then you and your car are dead.

Thinking about the soul and the next life is simply irrelevant.

What is relevant today, is survival of my body as well as yours. Because the self is living in a material world where he can’t do anything without the material body.

Just don’t go to the church and tell that your god is a made up thing because the sheep will punch the shit out of you.