If you want to be in business you got to be competitive.

Personally me – I hate the shit out of competition.

The way I look at everything from a business perspective is be so good they can’t resist you…

Making your own brand, making your own job is easy while making profit from what you want to do is really difficult.

I want to be so good that people would pick me on default.

It sounds easy on paper but when you want to achieve it – it becomes really hard.

You know what’s easy? To sit on a chair and watch TV while eating chips and comment on the events – this is real easy.

If it would be easy to make millions, everyone out there would be a trillionaire. If people read books on billions and ask questions on quora – how to be a billionaire then they will never ever be one.

Nobody can advice you on becoming rich, just because there are billions of books about money and yet, people are still poor. It would be easy if a book for 15$ would solve this problem.

The only one’s making profit are the one’s who teach you.

There’s limited amount of money people spend in 24 hours. Money is not infinite. When money is finite then the success is finite, poor players get nothing while successful ones get everything – this is the way it works.

You’ll wait many years until people will pick you. Nobody’s ever going to give you something – you’ll be waiting a long time for someone to give you something: opportunity, career, cash or something.

There’s no point in waiting and stalling.

While one sits on his ass waiting for the perfect day, others go to university to learn or read books, or audio, or video and gain knowledge thus leaving the sitters far away behind.

If you suddenly became awoke – now you’re 30, this means you’re 10 years behind everybody else.

I guess we’re just bunch of losers. There are some winners and the rest are losers. One has to accept it.