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Day: November 27, 2018

We all know what we need to do

I know I was going to be a blogger since the blogging start, but I always hesitated to start due to some lack of knowledge – I knew what I need to do to become successful and thriving, but I didn’t do it.

I spend maybe 10 years experimenting and my life is full of trial and error.

Sometimes what you do gets counterproductive – you don’t want that.

I tried vlogs, blogs, music making and anything I could do with a computer, nothing worked.

But I was good at article writing, I knew I needed to start a blog. I just didn’t.

I know my blog is going to be a failure, but at least I’ve started it, so I’m kind of ahead those who don’t start.

My doubt dragged me for a long time. I kept stalling and waiting for the perfect circumstances, but those didn’t come.

I knew since I was little. I’m going to make a business. I just didn’t knew what kind of business.

I deleted my youtube many times and started over and over.

I know you, I can relate to you, because being consistent is actually hard with all these distractions, but then again, if other people are making some cash out of producing content via web. So maybe you can too? Think about it. You know what you need to do.

It’s just a matter of doing, not stalling and doubting.

Audio002 – How do you know when you have no competence?


Just me talking about competence and how to realize that you have no competence if you were jumping from one idea to another recently.

It’s not the idea that matters, but the competence to execute and accomplish the idea.

How to survive as a Social Outcast

No matter what the social outcast does, he will always be an outcast.

Unless you’re good looking, rich or famous – well not, if you’re an outcast.

Outcasts don’t fit into the norms of the heard.

The heard has it’s own standards, norms and other cliche things. Being in a heard is never an option and besides heards are dangerous.

I don’t want to write a long post about what it means to be an outcast just because every outcast knows that being one is simply loneliness – you’re never accepted.

You can do whatever you want, write books, poetry, whatever man – you will never fit in, unless you will be shoving garbage in your face on a live stream to impress people.

You know what, fuck those people, they’re the heard and you’re not.

It’s so obvious so instead of fitting in, try to contemplate a skill or a craft, not because you could show off, but because you would have something to do in your lonely “miserable” life.

Being in misery is somewhat special. You then see the real world, the world of not so luxurious. When you have nothing you see people as they are.

And they are shit. To be frank.

Now that I’ve insulted the heard, nobody will buy my stuff, poor me.

It can happen, but it probably won’t

In today’s age everyone loves the lies, the lies about money and life and etc.

The world promised us that we will be rich and famous and working hell of a lot less.

I’m going to admit – I won’t change your life, you are the one who has to do the change.

But sometimes people just get stuck in their own head.

If you committed to making money online then stick to it – don’t go wandering around.

Imagine every idea you have is a nail then you have to hammer every single nail of yours.

Some people say that doing the same thing over and over leads to insanity but then again, you build a beautiful castle brick by brick.

Post by post leads to your “castle”, it can happen but it probably won’t unless it’s built.

On the other side

Whenever someone is looking for happiness, like the fairy tale tells it’s on the other side.

Doesn’t matter what are you looking in this world – it’s always on the other side.

There’s status quo that you need to pursue something, achieve something and everybody out there is to guide you or to tell you that you suck and your knowledge is poor.

Due to society’s expectations – you are never good enough.

And when you are never good enough – you want to get to the other side.

But you can’t if there is no bridge.

So it’s better to be on your own side than to go to sides which you can never go to.

Sure a man should strive for something but then again – strivings of a modern western man are just ridiculous.

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