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Day: November 24, 2018

Some people will leave you blind

The fact is that many people tell lies, they don’t want you to know certains truths.

Like in money making, you don’t need to pay anybody to be rich, you just got to know certain truths. I don’t know them therefore I can’t tell you nothing about them.

People who make money by teaching you how to make money, this is a simple scheme, but if people choose to boost you up, or give you some motivations, sure they don’t have anything good to do.

Motivation and money making is a big industry. If somebody gives you money for making a sale, be sure you made them more money, if somebody buys an ad on your website, be sure they make more money from your audience.

Sales is kind of tricky, if you want to sell big – sell food, because food is a necessity

If everything told online was true, all people would to the same exact thing and be rich, but life and economics doesn’t work that way. Just accept it and swallow it.

The Hello Effect

If you want your people to say hello, say hello first. Nobody wants to look not friendly, but as soon as you stop saying hello, the hello’s end.

Nobody says hello first.

I did this experiment, every time I saw my neighbor I said hello, for couple months, but then I stopped, barely someone said hello first.


When you see bad stuff happening in the world, it makes you feel bad not due to the event, but to the fact – you can’t do anything about it because everything bad is happening on the other side of the screen.


If one is not enjoying his life, he has to admit that things aren’t going to change themselves.

I’ve been sitting indoors for 10 years, hoping that someday, some opportunities will come, even started a daily webcam vlog, started writing online – was hopping to attract some opportunities.

But over the course of those years nothing really changed.

You can’t attract opportunities if you are not willing to go after them.

I know it’s hard to go to a gym. It’s hard to change your diet when you are not the one buying the food. It’s hard to get experiences when you don’t have the money. It’s hard to get a job when you don’t have education.

There are many problems in life and the only way one can change is by changing himself.

Change I did over 10 years is only I quit smoking and quit excessive alcohol. Because I don’t see joy in it – smoking and drinking is way easier than lifting weights in a gym with a heart disease.

I sincerely want more out of my life, but I don’t know how to approach it.

Last time I joined the gym I was in it only 1 day…

The change happens not when you decide to go to a gym for one day but when you adapt a habit into your lifestyle.

I kinda envy those big guys who lift a lot of weight, people say anybody can do it if they really want.

Before I quit smoking I realized if I can quit smoking then I can do anything.

When choosing a goal, you want a goal where you don’t need validation of other people. You don’t need permission to write, to vlog, to lift weights – you don’t need validation to be yourself, but you need validation when you want a job or be self employed. You don’t need permission to stop drinking or smoking.

Everything is just in one’s head.

But then again, if a change is not permanent then it’s just not worth it.

This year went really fast, this means that making a slight change in my own behavior would make the transition to better unnoticed because time just flies fast.

You see when you exercise at home, you won’t meet any new people and I want to quit on all smokers, and alcohol drinkers and maybe in a gym I’ll find some healthy living dudes and dudettes.

Because nothing really happens when you wait and stall.

I did it – nothing changes by itself.

I tried positive thinking, law of attraction – everything, without doing nothing changes by thinking.

Muscles can’t grow by thinking, even writing doesn’t do itself – you have to sit down and type.

I know that to form a habit you have to do it for 8 months, not 21 days.

When gym would be an automatic habit, like writing and vlogging is, when smoking used to be – you just get addicted to it and want to do it.

Before I quit smoking I tried many times unsuccessfully, but then something happened.

I see this guy without arms doing more pushups than me. He’s like committed.

Also I have a lot of mass. I know I could look like the guy on the right side.

But to look like that I got to grind… Like really grind and when somebody builds up this kind of figure all the fat fucks like me start to envy, although it’s achievable for everybody who commits to change.

I’ll take couple of days to figure things out, to actually think what I want.

My body type is platonic according to some website and my jobs to my type are writing and body jobs.

Maybe I’m unhappy because I don’t fulfil what my body expects I don’t know.

I would get a lot of respect from people I don’t care about and maybe chicks would look at me differently even though I hate the women mentality..

I figured out that everything people do, they do to impress other people, books, music, movies, tattoos, bodybuilding… I never bothered to impress other people, but maybe that’s the solution to all life’s problems. To impress other people and make them feel miserable and envious.

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