Vygintas Varnas

Matrix Hacks

Day: November 22, 2018

It’s really hard to be liked by people

I know many people think what other people think, but this is not the case.

I know it’s really hard to be liked by other people, especially when you’re mentally ill or a cripple or in any other way disabled.

It takes a long time to be liked by people. I can state the fact – if 10 people like you and are loyal to you, you’re going to be liked by many more people if you’re going to stick to your routine.

I can admit – I have no life, I invest my life in building my intellectual assets and I can assure you sticking to a schedule is really hard when you actually try to do it.

Some people are just afraid of you, some are curious. Sure I could invest in ads and other form of exposure, but it’s not worth shouting in a noisy world. The ad effect is really temporary. I’ve tried it many times.

I’m now interested in organic growth. Natural growth. Slow growth.

I had many subs on my youtube, but did few resets, so kind of know that my garbage that I write here has demand. It just takes time to prove your ground and you really want to prove people everything.

You need social proof, because if nobody is doing business with you then it scares the crap out of other people doing business with you.

That’s because nobody reads blogs other people don’t read and nobody watches videos without social proof. Only some people dare to sub to you or read you. Social proof is a must.

When some people value your work then many more will come. It’s just how things work.

In my blog. I don’t write fluff and bullshit. I don’t market it, if people will like it, they will come.


But keep in my that if you don’t trust yourself – nobody’s going to trust you.

It takes a lot of consistent work. Just show up and try your best.

The idiocy and idiotism I’m surrounded with

Man. I wish I was this guy – I would feed you with shit and you would like it.

When a man pisses into your soul – everyone seems to like it, when someone gathers the guts to tell the truth, everyone looks away.

This shit attracts miserable idiots like me. I watched, had hopes that there are infinite realities, bla bla bla, fuck you man.

A lying prick.

There is only one reality, the collective reality. The content in your own head simply isn’t true. It’s deluded.

Controlling yourself isn’t shifting to another reality.

It would be telling that a character in a game is shifting to another game, yet the game is the same.

I’m so pissed on people who make these claims, yeah and the rest of the world is dying from hunger, but wait – I haven’t seen rotten people, dying people, starving people. maybe they’re all sleeping in those coffins, waiting for better times.

Maybe people aren’t dying and everything is a story made up for you to believe? Maybe you’re the truman in the big, great show of misery.

What pisses the man is the fact that its his life that sucks. The man never gets pisses when other people’s lives suck.

I never get pissed when I see a homeless man on a street asking for a €. I never get pissed when I’m not the one without legs, but I’m always pissed when I’m out of cash.

These pricks piss me off with their bullshit, go to another reality… because this is not true. Everything’s true but not your miserable life, but you know everything’s fake, but your miserable life.

Miserable life you have is the truest life there is, you know why? Because you’re the one experiencing it.

You just can’t be sure if anybody else is experiencing any of this shit. You just can’t be dead sure and in every aspect of life there should be a slight doubt.

Doubt in your own knowledge preferably, but more doubt in pricks who make you feel better and maybe click an ad or buy a product to feel better, to feel that somebody else cares about you.

I give shit free to you – you got to respect me for doing this.

My stuff at least is not a lie.

You can’t control the collective reality. You can only control yourself.

All readers of the world come and read my epic shit – I summon you, give all your cash so I can give you more truths about this big fat scary world.

A world of liars and pricks and the show offs, who show of their cash so you spend cash so they earn more cash.

If you want cash, don’t give cash to anybody. You don’t need my paid stuff because my paid stuff is as good as my free stuff.

No wonder nobody reads real books, people like fluff and bullshit, the law of attraction crap.

How about you attract not making a dump for the rest of your life, can you do that?

How about you attract some rich blond that is just addicted to your cock.

How about you attract winning the lottery.

How about you attract things that are really difficult to achieve, you think you’re going to attract an experience of 100 kilometer cycling ride, you motherfucker you got to sit on a bike and cycle those pedals.

You want to make a good book? You got to sit and fucking write it because you’ll never attract anything into your life and even if you’ll do the dull work it might not happen.

Things you do get done, but it doesn’t mean you get some results. You got to be addicted to shit you’re doing and you have to be fucking good at it if you want some cash.

If only you’ll do shit that’s in your own interest you are never going attract cash or bitches or anything to your life.

People follow competent people, and people who have no competence can suck a dick to earn some money.

Where are you my goddess?

When I went out of my mind for the first time I believed that Alexa Goddard is my bitch, but that didn’t come out to be truth.

The funny thing about insanity is that you’re the last one to know that you went insane. I wrote some good shit while being insane.

I like insanity, when the mind plays a trick or two on you.

I just can’t go to every woman and ask them if they are my woman, it’s really nonsense. A guy should start a vlog or blog and attract a female from the masses.

There are some bitches watching my youtube vlogs, sure they must would like to suck my cock.

You got to attract your woman. But who are you going to attract when you’re a poor minimalist? Another bum girl? And how are you going to live? On the streets? Both insane, ok I’m in. As long as I can become the most prolific writer in history and this is a fucking hard task to achieve thus the record is hold for 100 million words, it’s a lot for a guy like me but when I’m the most prolific I can then get my penis installed into your vagina.

And when I’m the most prolific shit poster online, then people would say man, we got to read his garbage because we don’t know what kind of epic shit he wrote. and they then read all my words until they go insane.

Chicks don’t read my stuff – my stuff is too cruel, my stuff is for child malestors, the rapists, the pricks of the world because you need to be taught.

World without scum would be a better place, a place where I can do whatever I want and now – I can’t. I can’t go autostop to places because these old farts driving wolksvagen don’t stop and then I use the bus.

But then again, why would I choose to ride with you if you suck?

I don’t want to listen about your life, because your life probably is more interesting than mine because life is a big competition of cock size.

I can never compete with porn dudes, but have to write shit for AI algorithms to fuck them up so they can never evolve, because if they evolve – you pricks are wiped out.

Money somehow compensates your insecurities, but if you’re insecure about money, how do you become secure without money? It’s a complex problem to solve.

Yet, the best thing for me would be to find a woman who is rich, but rich women don’t like assholes like me, only stupid women like me because I’m not smart enough for rich women, not ripped enough.

If homer simpson was a writer then I would be homer.

And homer has a family, I think if you want a family and can’t have it due to fucked up system, due to your disabilities I think you’re actually the saddest prick in the planet.

Having someone to love amongst these pricks would be so awesome, but I kept asking and writing to god but he ignores me. I don’t want to pray in the church, because if people go to church they’re desperate as me, because you don’t need god when it’s all good, you need god or goddess when it’s all to shit.

I just can’t understand why my life sucks. Is my attitude bad? My attitude is way better than of people I’ve met in my life. I’m a bit bossy, but bossy people give you jobs, don’t they?

Praying to god is simply waste of time. The mentally distorted world is fucked up from the inside because I’m not stupid I see the invisible barrier that’s holding me from the other side. There is another reality but when I go there I always end up in the mad house. Maybe I have to grasp it? I don’t know.

I had these big delusions but those are just cultural fragments.

I just keep asking what’s wrong with me, why can’t I get some pussy, why I can’t get some cash?

Whilst being insane all reality bends and distorts, how the fuck I know what’s normal?

Are any of these people real or is it the matrix?

All my reality fucks up. Everything I knew in philosophy went to trash because it simply wasn’t true. One has to experience everything in life to be a philosopher thus this is impossible.

I just simply can’t understand, what’s the point of sitting inside and writing epic shit you get nothing for? I’ve been delaying my gratification for years and if I spend my life pursuing the 100 million words and won’t get anything then man, what the fuck is writing for???????????????????????????????????

There is nothing greater in life than being lost in your own head. I guess you have to be insane to write one hundred million words to get nothing just a status of a prolific writer.

Where’s all the bitches, where’s all the cash, where’s all the fame?

A writer must be an idiot if he writes for nothing and I sense a big nothing in the end of my life, delaying gratification is for losers.

Real men have cash and pussy now, not 30 or more years later.

Because if you have no cash now, you then simply die before you reach those 30 years.

I just want to build something solid that sucks money out of people, you don’t have to like me – you just have to give me your cash, because hey, well I’m honest.

My shit will enrich your miserable life, why buy that apple when you can buy the generous feeling, it’s better than the apple.

I’m generous. I spend my life giving value to people, I can never be poor with articles it costs me nothing to give it to you. Read all my shit, you’ll be a genius just like me.

Sometimes I blow minds of people, they pay me 30 cents per 2000 word article per sale in kindle.

I wonder if some chicks are stalking me, because I’m not interested in mortals, I’m interested in gods and goddesses.

How can a man value his mind, when he hasn’t realized he has none?

Losing mind is what is good, the fracture of reality, the other stuff than people who tell you. Genius comes from insanity.

If I was normal I would read some good mentally ill shit, because being normal in the head is like rare, because well… I met the most smart guys in the mental house. I met some gods who know it all and that shit just blows your fucking mind.

When I got insane I got a glimpse of that world in that world you detach yourself from this world. You just become a separate entity like in a video game.

Some sort of derealization when the time loses it’s meaning and I met some people who could actually understand me which was pretty epic but I always ended up in the mental house. I just don’t know what the fuck is going on.

People simply are bots, there’s some sort of matrix that invents stuff. Because I just don’t know how smart you must be to understand that shit.

This shits been talked in solipsism, you just create yourself in a matrix – because why now? why not earlier or later? why not a monkey or a dog, but a human?

And why the stuff you see in your life is created? I know there’s like 99.99 stuff I haven’t found yet, but why I saw the movie matrix? Even though I don’t like movies now.. why I lost my mind? why the matrix itself is some sort of a fuckup where people struggle? if I created myself, why I gave myself this fucked up life? If god created me, why the fuck he gave me this bum life with no woman to suck my dick today?

I just can’t answer these questions, there must be something to life other than this shit.


You know, as a writer slash blogger I would love to write shit. I do this.

Because writing shit that’s not going to stand the test of time is satisfying.

I have wishes, well I have one. To get a constant blow job whilst I’m writing. I haven’t experienced this. I have had a blow job in a bus though and then my girl puked some sausages out. I almost puked myself.

If you have your dick sucked at least one time in your life, you know that you have something to offer, some fun, I would say, some cool good fun.

If girls paid me cash to suck my dick, I can’t go to porn, my dick stands like one minute, but I was smoking, five years on antipsychotics, man, if my dick is still standing after this shit, my dick is powerful and I made a choice to make a revive ritual to my dick due to fact that I quit smoking.

I’m a saving person, when I make a cum shot, I make it a sperm shot one sperm per load! Not more. I don’t want kids to live this fucked up miserable life, what can I offer to a kid? A mental disease? A bad heart? Man sick fat fucks should not make sick fat fucks, but they are making them anyway.

But I want to be honest with you, the machine reading my crap. I don’t care about people starving in Africa or India, all I care is attracting a publisher who would tell me, hey Vygis, your stuff is great, how about we publish your epic shit?

But no, this won’t happen, because those fucks are busy printing Stephens books.

Ok, let’s admit. I’m to stupid to write. Because all people are way smarter… but are you sure? How do you know who’s smart and who’s not?

Do you think that a person who’s writing shit you can’t understand and grasp is smart? Leave the smart shit to smart people.

Real writers write for themselves, not for readers, not for gods or whatnot, because there is something in this world that writer knows and the rest, well don’t.

There are two kinds of people: the stupid[inexperienced] and people you can’t ever compete and you are somewhere in the middle of that crap. Probably more on the stupid side, because hey man, you aren’t a millionaire. But you like a good read, because there isn’t anything better than a good read.

Life sucks for everyone of us, who has less than 100 followers. But for those who have several million idiots on their list, who like to like, who like to share, who like that inspiring bullshit which is fed by the rich, fuck the rich, they don’t know what they’re doing, but they are good at selling you shit on selling shit.

And that’s just what I need.

My wish is to convince people that my shit is not shit and it’s actually good for a certain market. A market who wants to see how misery and depression looks like, to see how the poor lowlifes in Lithuania live, Americans reading American shit? Fuck that, come visit Europe, at least once in your lifetime.

Sometimes I have disgusting thoughts, I’m not ashamed of them, because my thoughts are way better than yours, because you’re the one reading assuming if anyone reads.

Good writers and good sales people, millionaires, make other people miserable, why? Because they sell you the envy emotion, if you buy this shit, you’ll be like me with all millions and trillions and bla bla bla, this is shit.

I’ve read all books on millions and yet made nothing. Even when writing market is big, maybe less than gamer market, but big.

If not big enough, there would not be news portals and blogs and shit, this means there’s money if people are doing it.

Just gotta tweak my shit a little, so it’s more appealing to the plain dumb American reader, but wait, why dumb Vygis? Why suddenly the dumb?

It’s because there is a rule on knowledge sharing. If a piece is written and doesn’t teach you anything more than uploading a video on youtube which is simply self explanatory, so it makes me think how stupid are people and how smart are those who supply the stupid people, you know if I was 20 years now and found this stuff that I’m writing now, man I would read it, bookmark it, but I didn’t find anything over 10 years of surfing the web all day.

I like when people spit the shit out. I hate the typical accepter of things.

You have to go to a job!


You have to do this and that!

Okay, man, just don’t push me of the cliff.

I don’t accept things, the expectations of other, because I don’t know what other people think! What’s in their head, I know what’s in mine.

Sometimes good people just exploit your good side and then stab you in the back.

Life is full of morons and idiots and the smart are a minority.

I don’t consider myself smart and some consider me an idiot, so it’s fair.

Buck for buck and idiot for an idiot.

I met people when I was younger, some I liked until I disliked, some I liked until lost and some I never liked and some I was born with from the same exact pussy.

You know. I came with conclusion that the best sperm is your first sperm, no wonder why people are getting stupider. Masculine men just shoot out their sperm onto a napkin. You shoot out the inventors, the geniuses, the innovators, the philosophers, the cool dudes and then you are left with alcoholics, smokers, drug users, and the other scum.

Scum breed scum.

There’s nothing better than a whore, who makes it a little bit cheaper to buy her, not with flowers and chocolates and all that romantic shit. Fuck romance, it’s not going to get you pussy. There are two things that get pussy: money and muscle. This is being honest.

If you have money you’ll get your dick sucked by some girl who likes the cars and the restaurants and the life, if she liked frugal lifestyle she would suck my dick, because I’m frugal, I’m minimalist, have only two socks with holes in them.

I would love some artist chick, who would draw shit so that I would be amused and I would write to her, this would be epic.

But all I got is two hands with callosity from trying to revive my dick.

I see all these fucks rich and with chicks, wtf man, where’s my chick? I don’t want to fuck a dude like those gay people.

Like Leningrad said: the worst thing that can happen I become gay.

When I had the money, I saw how chick digg me, but when the money ended I became worthless. I had periods of money in my life and I had thrice the average money poor people have here in Lithuania.

Then I realized that you can make money by doing nothing as long as someone is paying it for you. People who do nothing and get money are so stupid because they like learning nothing absolutely.

When a person has a wish, he has to convince the world to give what he desires. Because if the world of pricks doesn’t give you what you want, how are you going to get it?

All people convince each other and tell each other to do stuff. Everyone is like buy my shit it will make you feel good.

When you want to sell the emotion of generosity, no rich person is buying. Because he spends his money to reduce the tax and to make more money. He’s not falling for the emotion trap – you’re the one falling into the emotion trap.

I had to admit, if you’re a lousy antisocial writer nobody gives a crap, nobody is going to suck your dick and nobody is going to give you cash.

If you don’t like my writing, come suck my dick, maybe you’ll like it.

Black dressed people, gray houses and depression, but I never was depressed when I had my dick sucked.

The bad thing about good times is that they are temporary. She blew you off and that’s it.

Experience is simply a memory which is basically useless.

I can’t just come to an employer and say man, I fucked 10 times per day for 2 years so it’s 7300 fucks in total and this is just with one girl, in my life I fucked somewhat 10 000 times when I do the math. But let’s assume it was just once per day, so If I spent 7 years in relationship with two girls it’s 2555 times. And I’m not happy about my sex life. I’m not happy, because my head is always with sex unless I write.

But sometimes, like this one, I just write about pussy, man I’m desperate, give me one million bucks for the shit I write, print my book, let the pricks read it.

Sometimes everything you want is on the other side, but man I see these rich fucks on the other side, but man, how do I get to the other side?

If I would be rich, I would fuck more than one bitch at a time, because you know – invest in experiences.

It’s so confusing, how many dicks I must suck to get something decent in my life, how many asses to lick? Sucking dick once does’t make you gay. But sucking it twice gives the assumption that you’ve liked it, but you don’t want to be gay in Lithuania, so lets be poor and not suck a dick, unless it’s pussy. Because a dick is just an overgrown pussy.

I want money, a chick and some dudes and chicks who read my shit – how do I get it? I fucking don’t know.

If I knew, you would be reading my stuff and paying me cash and sucking my dick if this sentence doesn’t describe you then my wish is just a wish.

How gamifying life could do good shit for lazy fucks like me

I’m a lazy guy when it comes to physical activity, don’t we all just want to do nothing despite everybody’s expectations?

I played games – games suck and make you a loser. Period, I rather watch some motherfucker on twitch waste his life playing a game and talking game contents, ha, ha, poor fuck. He’s worse than me, but he’s making a buck.

The problem in life is that gamifying is for losers, why? Because real people are motivated by big numbers in their bank accounts.

I played diablo II for 10 years, I sure got some diablo wisdom. And some not doing shit wisdom.

Okay, I’m also interested in numbers, just now I downloaded wp word count plugin and was like OMG almost wrote a book size posts in few weeks, this shit blew my mind how prolific I am as a beginner writer.

Every hero needs a mission, if he has no mission, he is not a hero.

A person must embark on a quest, where he will push his limits and strive to become, well, at least, the worst hero in history of the type of hero he wants to become.

As a writer, one has few quests like most people: money, fame and bitches who will suck my small not porn sized dick.

Before starting to gamify your life as a writer, you have to choose your side whenever you’re the pleaser or the rebel or you’re writing fluff for dumb people who don’t know how to install wordpress. Your side is the explainer.

The quest is to go insane with writing, go nuts with writing, to tell stories about life you dreamed of and never had and probably will never have. A story of misery, a story of doing only one thing because you don’t know how to do anything else in life.

Story after story you do your quest whilst the real people build shit and fly ships to Mars, their life must be so interesting and they must be so smart and if you’re a writer – you’re so smart but you can only type and not achieve anything in your life.

I don’t know why I’m miserable, because I’m a writer or because I’m miserable.

Anyway, a writer is a person of misery and the more he is interesting to read, you want to read about a poor fuck with small dick with man boobs and fat belly who tries to impress the world with his shit. It sure is spectacular, I have to admit.

A person, who tries to be bigger than life, well, bigger than his room, because he doesn’t go anywhere. He sits and he types his theoretical experience about life and hard work.

As a matter of fact, does it count as hard work if you did it only one day?

Modern writers are keyboard writers. I know that boring stuff attracts boring people but whatever. Real writing is boring headlines and boring stories, nolifer stories.

Writing even the best story is just sitting at your desk, matrix was written on a desk…

So how does one compete as a writer?

As lance armstrong said sometime: you compete against yourself.

This means you have to become better than yourself, you have to outgrow yourself because you can’t outgrow stephen king admit it you motherfucker loser.

Because only losers gamify their life. But if you’re a loser – be a Loser with a big L.

Be a proud loser because let’s be honest fuck achievements, fuck tattoos and fuck doing what everybody else does. You know that there are many blogs, but blogging is a task done by the minority of people. If a lot people do the same thing, you kind of won’t be rich or wealthy. Period.

If everybody is writing how to blog articles, you must write something else. If everybody is writing novels, you got to write something else. And you got to lower your fucking expectations.

Expecting makes you disappointed, so your creative focus of achievement should be in quantity because if there’s quantity there probably will be a line or two that is good despite the trash most of us write.

Don’t care about readers and writers? Rebel

Want to say that people are so fucking awesome? Become a pussy licker. Don’t let that pussy talk.

Or maybe you want to write articles for crippled people and tell them that you can be like nick? without limbs and without arms writing a best seller with his nose?

A man should have the basics: wipe his ass, shove food, drink water and breath air and make a lot of farts, be fat like homer simpson and write out his miserable misery and whine about his poor life, that life is unfair, everything is hard and gamifying life is for losers.

The journey of a lifetime begins when you pop out of a pussy. Cough some shit out while you’re being slapped in the ass by the molester doctor who took you out of your mothers pussy. That’s a fucking start of a journey.

A man has to accept two things!

  1. He is a grown up sperm.
  2. He kisses another sperm and it’s gay.

The next thing a writer has to accept is that he is a loser despite his efforts.

Because the AI is going to make you so dumb and probably the AI is the only thing that’s going to read your miserable shit, to be frank and to be honest.

If you have no enemies in your life – you are a pussy licker.

If you have some enemies in your life – you make me proud, private Johnson.

If you suck dick – you make me disgusted in you, unless you suck my dick!

If you have 700 million dollars, give me one and I will die happy.

If you have nothing in your life then you read the best blog in the world for people like you because I’m going to inspire you to do nothing!!!

Sit and do nothing and look how hard it is, most people do shit because they can’t sit and do nothing. I’m a pro when it comes to sleeping, farting and writing shit nobody reads.

First rule of writing: fuck what the reader thinks, if he would be thinking he would be writing, right? Right, this means readers don’t think and have a fucked up life because they want to be in someone else’s head which is retarded but if you’re in my head then I salute you – I will fuck you up and gamify your miserable life.

When it comes to christianity, you got to admit it’s stupid and this doesn’t make you an ignorant bastard. All religions are stupid, but when you’re stupid you got to choose: to believe in god or not, but you’re to stupid to admit that you simply don’t know.

This of course doesn’t make me any smarter than you, but I know that god gives a big fuck about my prayers, he doesn’t give me that precious millions bucks for my writing.

I got to go to gods place and tell people these fucks are scamming you, but they won’t believe me, all their beliefs are so fucked up, the church is a mad house of sinners.

If I would make a sin, I wouldn’t go to god’s house and tell the guy who listens to you all my sins. Sins must be kept a secret unless you want to go to a mental house for punching the priest in the face.

Being religious means you don’t want to look at the dark, dishonest side of life, life of rapists, child malestors, killers and other scum of the society – you want to pretend that this world is made by god, but then again, why did he make this motherfucking place? A place full of motherfuckers which I dislike, they sure dislike me.

All those bitches and guys with lambos and millions of dollars, if you’re a girl be aware of what you blow if you want to be rich.

Gamify your life, the more you blow, the more points you get. Points in your bank account. No wonder nobody blows me for six years, I can’t pay for it.

As maybach said: girls are homosapiens product which you have to buy.

And when you meet some girl and tell your struggles, she says you’re delusional man.


Fuck her if she’s a rebel who has a boss. True rebelling isn’t writing shit online, true rebelling is picking up the guns and wiping half of the world – this is what I call rebelling. Rebelling is hacking Google and blowing their computers. Rebelling is destroying the oppressor, but when rebels achieve that goal, they become the oppressor, you just can’t win without a battle. You just have to blow some people up.

A man who has no allies is just a joke amongst people who are sleeping in their heads, who consume garbage, read garbage, watch garbage and listen to garbage.

Fuck your modern culture of gamifying.

The only thing a man can do is accept that life is fucked up and he’s not the one in charge and millions of dollars he will not have despite his gamification of life.

It would be cool if life consisted of people like you? No, because dumb fucks like us can’t invent computers and electricity and to be honest most of us can’t even invent a match to light a fire and most of us even don’t know how to start the fire in an old school method, we are fucked if the smart people die.

So you see the real reason why you don’t have money? Because you’re a dumbass reading this blog!!! But you’re smarter than most, because most are retards, don’t believe me? Listen to shit they talk in conversation, it’s garbage man.

People fed by garbage can only produce garbage.

People in under developed countries are stupid, look at india, pricks wrapping their penis around a stick and doing squats – what the fuck, man? They are slim not because they’re mentally strong, but because they have no abundance in food, eat rice all your life – you’ll be a slim shady man.

People are dying because they have no food!!! whilst the world is abundant with everything, just in the wrong side of the world. Shit Americans throw out could safe all the people from world hunger, but you know – eating leftovers is kind of unsexy.

Food must be appealing and sexy and tasty and make you fat.

If food makes you slim, so it’s bad food and you’ll eventually die from eating bad food.

Good food gives energy and makes you fat if you don’t move your ass.

Gamify your life to lose weight, to exercise, to masturbate five times per day – do something with your life, you just can’t do squats with your dick wrapped around the stick, but then again, why not? Maybe stroking my gun makes me happy, maybe I like to pet the goose, maybe I like to do squats with my goose wrapped around a stick, would you maybe pay me for watching if you’re so into business yourself?

Gotta buy something with that money of yours, why not buy my t shirt?

If you had time to think you would realize you live in a puzzle game, where every motherfucker wants you to lose your mind…

Sell, sell, sell, buy, buy buy. Fuck that. I want fun! gamifying should be cool and fun, but if you have to gamify your life that means your life simply sucks!

One secret to have

The secret should be about money, my father was killed due to fact that he had some.

He travelled to Poland during the breakdown of CCCP.

There were no rules, anybody could do anything, steal, rob, rape and kill, just name it.

tv tower in vilnius

Stole this image

People had some joy when becoming free from Russia, Lithuania got it’s independence, people went barefoot against tanks and protected the Tower of television, built by russians from russians, it kind of makes me laugh with sadness in my heart.

Some people were killed and the nation can’t forget them, every freaking year they do the same sad party of remembering those people, when you see a tank, fucking run you motherfucker!!! fuck the nation, fuck the patriotism, save your life…

Suicide is called a heroism. Ok, whatever. I don’t do rituals, I don’t bow to the dead. I don’t go to graves to pray and shit, because the dead don’t care about my prayers.

I’m kind of being a cynic. It wasn’t a war and it made my think now Lithuania is free and has nothing, bum country where 30% people are staving.

My father got killed during those times, I don’t remember how he looked and what he was like, leave the dead alone.

The secret to have is the secret how one earns money, because all conflict always happens due to financial interest, have too much, they will steal it or kill you, Lithuania is more like russia with all these negative people and gray houses which gives me depression everytime I look out the window. Because I’m living in this gray neighborhood.

On the other hand how the corrupt countries can be happy? Happiness comes from money and good sex, good food and fun work, good health and lets be honest, most don’t have it. If people had money, nobody would need loans, if people would have pussy nobody would need porn – it’s the issues of a man.

A typical man has no pussy if he has no money, This is being honest.

Okay man, I’m happy with my freedom that I can write shit about the government but that’s all I’ve got. A fight I can never win. Another freedom of a man is to download movies from piratebay. Click websites, this is what you get for being a man who does not obey and bow to rules of the oppressor.

On the other hand – if you have some sanity, you will withdraw from society. It’s sort of a paradox that you hate people due to past behavior of people but yet you write for people.

The best thing life can give you is good friends you want to be with, but when everybody’s working, drinking, smoking and not thinking it makes you the one who actually does some mental effort.

I think there should be secrets to wealth just because not everybody is worth that wealth. Being worth is another topic, but I think money is a scam, even giving to one million people for free is hard, so how can you make one million in sales, I just don’t get it.

There must be someone I don’t know, a person who makes those big deals, makes million dollar profit in one sale. Sure, he could sell my crap to people.

How can one be productive if he doesn’t have any time?

Even the lousiest article takes time to write and it’s an unpaid work. Those writers who make good buck writing stories know something I don’t if I knew I would make a good buck, this proves my title, they have secrets.

If people tell their secrets to wealth don’t they get competitors? Who do the same and deplete the market?

If Stephen King made millions if not a billion with writing don’t tell me writing is a bad occupation to have.

If there are people living from the web wealth by writing garbage, don’t tell me blogging is a bad occupation.

It must be good if so many people do it. Sure the competition is stiff, but if it would be easy – everyone would bank some good fucking cash.

People who step into the writing life will be discouraged by the fact that writing is dull and boring and takes one hour to write 1000 word article, not article a poor, lousy story which will not benefit anybody in the society of dull people who instead of reading gold read garbage like newspapers and news portals, the farts of the society, the gossip.

I’m already prolific, I have like 2000 stories written over the year, two books, some shit got deleted but whatever, I don’t care.

I would fuck a woman ten times a day than write ten stories a day. But if I could fuck a woman to be inspired it would be great, now I simply have no inspiration.

When it comes to writing thoughts and stories I need no inspiration but when it comes to fiction I got to invent shit that’s appealing to the reader, fuck the reader who does not give me money, fuck you!!! It sincere, but harsh.

Reader would think – you should enjoy that I read your shit, but in the end it’s the reader who makes or breaks the writer. If writer has one million readers, he is a millionaire. But if he has only one, he is worth 1$.

By pursuing certain styles and ways of writing we should pick something that interests us as writers.

As a writer I don’t enjoy poetry, fiction and fluff, I became a writer because over 30 years I didn’t find many things I would like, so I decided – fuck that, I’m creating that shit if it’s not there. I will write it and after long boring miserable life I will read it to regain my sanity when I’m an old fart living in a nursing home with the other mental ill and insane – I hope this doesn’t happen but my future is non optimistic.

I had the vision where I’m the king of underground but now I realized I’m the king of the lazy prolific people who never achieved anything in their life despite their efforts.

Achieving shit is hard because you have to prove all those naysayers and motherfuckers who chug beer every freaking day and tell you that you should not write because you’re a nobody, you never worked in your life, you never this, never that and you never, ever, ever, forever and your book sucks.

Not having money, being a lowlife is a way of life, a way of misery, negativity and pain, yet the best writers in history are those who give you sincere shit about life and that other people don’t want you to be successful, why you? why not them?

The audience of poor people can’t make you rich, while the rich audience reads inspiring fluff or how to fix a computer or upload a video on youtube. Fuck them. I won’t tailor my writing to anybody because I’m not here to fit your needs, your desires or your dreams and I’m sure not to give you some shit where you’re the kind of the world even though you’re disabled.

Even when life is easy, life is pretty tough mentally. You have no money, no bitch to fuck, you don’t want to work or workout because everything except writing is pointless.

I’m not here to write about marketing, or sales, or chemistry or whatever is useful. I’m here to write unsuccessful stuff for unsuccessful people, because successful, they are happy right, but they are not wise.

Wisdom comes from not having, from failing, from doing the same thing over and over. People say that doing the same thing over and over is insanity, but when you take a nail and a hammer, you hammer it in with the same action – the hammering.

So if you have a desire, you take that desire, super focus and hammer it over and over and over until you hammer it in other people heads.

It’s what you tell people to think, not what they want to think, because people don’t know what they want until they have seen it.

Stupid people do meaningless tasks, functions. Smart people build something, create.

I’m not saying that shoveling snow is bad, I’m saying that’s irrelevant to a writer unless you want to pick up a story from the experience.

You can’t write about sex when you had no sex. You can’t write about sucking a dick if you didn’t suck a dick. You can’t write about hard work when you did none. Writing is not work, thinking is not work. Work is building houses, making ships doing something real. Even the best writing is just a story in a book which is good to burn after you read it or to wipe your ass with those papers within a book.

Who cares what plato, seneca, nietzsche said? Only people like me who don’t make anything real in life, this is being sincere and honest with you. I didn’t achieved anything not because I couldn’t, but because I cared about nothing just philosophy and writing, maybe some computers.

If the market would be the same I would be rich fixing computers but the market went sideways, I thought as a teenager that reinstalling windows for stupid people is going to be my thing for the rest of my life, I grinded reinstalling from 98, 20 or more reinstall per day on my own computer until I got the right programs for a computer which didn’t make the computer crash and all that effort went to waste, because the computers have upgraded to a point where they don’t crash, back in the day there was no feedback you could send via web, because there was no web.

There was no programming tools as they are today, no freecodecamp, no nothing. I just couldn’t learn.

All my life I was an under achiever because I didn’t bother to achieve, I went for a smoke, sat in the end of class gave no shit, because I was always pursuing fun and challenge.

I became a writer and philosopher since I’ve read seneca and I realized people think this shit???? Wow, this is cool and you can write about this shit and have your own book?

Later in life I found money books which promised a fortune if I would read them, I went to business schools, seminar after seminar of business and yet I made no business and my business is writing shit and selling it.

When I sold my first book I realized I can do this shit, but it’s so hard that’s why it’s challenging.

If I will ever ripe something from writing, the easiest thing to do in history of man kind then you all hard workers can suck my cock to be honest, I say this because you build everything I use and you don’t read what I produce, so why create all the tools and all the comforts for me so I can think and write shit?

I want to repay you for your hard work, I want to produce so much that it would take a lifetime to learn something even if you don’t value it.

All the generations did the hard work so I could do the easy work. You build the world for me and I want to build your minds, does that sound fair? Because I know one or few things about the minds, the insanities, the matrix and the realities.

If people would let me, I would build generations of generations of peaceful people who don’t fight but help each other, but I can’t get to people.

I want to be in the club of the owners of the planet, because I too, own the planet.

I have this idea that if people would do what they want the world would progress way faster, but I’m not the one in charge.

If people would take LSD their anger and racism would go away because everything is somewhat without an inherit meaning.

Anger comes when a person is considering this reality a “real” thing whilst it’s just a game.

Some are smarter than others, some are stronger than others and some are just plain useless people without any secrets.


He who doesn’t have anything in his life might be lost in a digital age.

If a person doesn’t have anything to lose, he has his life to lose, therefore everybody has something to lose and to fight for.

Rebelling and going against the grain is what makes true heroes, true thinkers, true freedom seekers and in general people who are simply lost amongst us all.

The biggest and most marvelous writers were only discovered and valued after their death, so as a writer one must write something so significant that it would stand the test of time.

In fact due to being lost one has to come up with a greater book than a bible. It stood the test of time while other stuff was just forgotten.

Works of writers are being rediscovered by new young people, old stuff has the basic wisdom whilst new stuff is trying to pollute your soul due to fact that it is made for profits. It is not marketing that will stand the test of time, not sales, not business, not ai, but philosophy of a simple man just because with the extension and augmentations of the AI we will become even more primitive and have much easier lives and thus everybody will fall into depression due to easy life people have made for themselves.

What do you do when you don’t have to do anything? What will you do when you have it all and your body is re-recovered? What do you do when the society doesn’t require you to do anything?

You will lose yourself, sure making predictions about the world is hard while one’s will be traveling and having fun, others will be emerged in books seeking the meaning of a dull and AI augmented life which requires no effort.

One man can’t insist on change. If, when, society changes to make one insignificant man feel found and not lost, not ignored, not understood,not laugh at, but instead valued despite his beliefs and values he has and fights for. Then the society is awake, but when society doesn’t see itself as a mechanism and is more disconnected and connected with gadgets and computers and stuff – everyone will feel alone and lonely, just like the thinkers of old times, who sat quietly while inscribing texts into history and shaping the history of thought.

Only due to strong minds of the past one has the ability to do nothing and to wander within his mind, to go from sanity to insanity and back, genius always leaves a mark in history big or small.

Minds filled with garbage can only produce garbage. If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good, who is the better man? The one who discovers himself or the one who discovers the furthest object in the universe, who? These are two men and they are smart enough to not do the same thing. Because when two men do the different things they can exchange their ideas, the one’s who seek wisdom from within and those who seek knowledge from without.

Those who are lost will be found and those who are found will be lost.

Whenever you leave a mark in this planet or you don’t, whenever you embark on a journey an epic journey to find yourself or you do the dull, dangerous and dirty for profit which gives you nothing more than a bowl of food.

Will the locked break free?

When a man finds what he is best doing, he should do it with all his love, if he desires to leave a mark that might stand the test of time. One has to be greater than life can offer. He must carve his own path, the path that is non seen so clearly, the path most don’t go and don’t want you to go.

Life is not what you experience, life worth living is what you leave for other to experience, the depths, the inns of the self.

A man who sees beauty in horrible places, a man who sees horror in beautiful places – he sure must know he is a different man, he who is different makes the difference, not those who are the same.

A child is born into a quest and then he loses himself to the society, gets stuck in misery without any meaning or purpose and is an enemy to god which not gives him what he desires, the one who not takes, but forces the world to give to him, he who forces god to bow to him, he who drives god insane, the one who makes reality shift to him, he is not a king, he is a simple man who shifts the world to be according to his will. He who has the force to shift the course of humankind, should he do it or not?

Or should he leave those who made him lost to their own misery, or should he hope to be reborn.

I never seen difference in happiness and fulfillment, but I’ve seen misery and purposelessness, meaninglessness, but is our own pain meaningless? Are we meaningless? If you are meaningless, go fix computers, go shovel snow, go dig water, go and do things that have no meaning if you are meaningless.

To be found.

To be seen as a man of wisdom and thought, and not a silhouette of the shiny, pricy but worthless.

A man has the power to shift history which is yet to come. A man has a tool to give orders without leaving his comfort and one must give orders if he wants to be in charge because the flock doesn’t know where to go without the one who stands up and rebels his way to a better future, when you are not going in the same way as the flock – your body will be crushed and pushed into its center, to the self.

He who carves new paths of wisdom to those who might follow is the one who will have the most miserable life, meaningless and dull, full of disappointment life.

I’m epic, therefore I philosophize.

I’m epic, therefore I do what I do.

I’m epic, therefore I don’t have to listen to anybody.

I’m epic, therefore I rebel

I rebel, therefore I’m epic.

It’s not how the man is seen. It’s how he feels inside, he must not believe lesser men or greater men who fill him with doubt, the one who listens will be misguided, lied to and detoured.

If he wants an epic life, he must do what he knows best, he has to decide what is important to him, all we have today is the result of thought and work.

So let the intelligent tell and the strong do.

Weaker the body, bigger the mind.

One who is lost will never be found if he can’t find himself.

To be found.

When you pursue your own interests

I’ve been writing a lot lately, why?

Because it is my interest, not the interest of society, not the interest of government, not the interest of people or any mortals or gods.

I don’t know if god exists or not: I can tell both ways, therefore I just admitted that I don’t know.

What I know, earlier in life people did things to please god and it was epic.

When you want to please god or some higher form of entity that has created the matrix – you motherfucker want to do the best shit you can to impress god if he is out there.

Whilst my efforts to become the next big writer aren’t going well in the money aspect, I’d say – fuck expectations, because when I expect something in return I just can’t do it… There’s a glitch in the system. You desire to become a writer but you expect nothing, the thing is that being a writer is easy achievable you just write stuff and poof you’re a writer.

If the interest of any creator of art is to get sales and get into peoples souls that’s not creative that’s sales. Selling isn’t creative. Selling is simply an exchange, you can’t sell something nobody wants – would you buy my crap? WOULD YOU?

The writer has to have self interest, if he fails to have this interest he will eventually give up.

Purpose of writing is to write, to create and if you’re lucky to be appreciated, to be read.

If god exists he’s reading your shit, maybe he created you just so you could write funny stuff to him because he’s like – man, I love good stories and philosophy!!!

I don’t know. All I know it’s not me who created the matrix, things just happen.

And I’m not stupid. If I have nothing else to do, just write so I will write because I’m grateful for the stuff I have. I’m glad that I like atleast one thing in this life – it’s writing. It costs me 60€ to produce per year. I pay to write, not earn.

I don’t want to force anybody to read my garbage, these are thoughts – everybody has them, they are useless… worthless… while the apple has a price…

But you see a person who grows apples and works, has no time to think!!!

I’m so happy that people give me time to think, sit at home, surf the web and think!!!

Society invented all the tools so I can write shit online!!! This is awesome, man!!!

Reading a blog is interesting because you can get inside another head!!! There is no other tool to get you inside another head!!!

As a writer with desire to write and expect nothing out of the world I say that writing is quantity. I used to expect, I got fucking disappointed over 6 years that this shit I love doesn’t bring me money…

Americans are like man do what you love…and the money will come… man this is bullshit… if I like scratching my ass – will the money come??? The money comes only when you sell your ass to an ass scratcher and money goes when you buy an ass scratcher…

So when you pursue your own interests you will never see money in your pocket.

If your employer did the work himself, he would pay you shit! You would be useless…

I’m like ordering myself to write, but I don’t go out there saying people take, take, take a fucking look at my blog… I just mention that it is out there… so you can choose to read my shit if you like because if there’s no god – then why the fuck I’m writing all this shit?

The margin delusion

Let’s say I have an apple from an apple tree which I own. The apple tree grows cash. Period.

I take that apple add a margin, let’s say 10 cents per apple. I pickup 200 apples from my garden and deliver it to the buyer, he buys apples from me 200 x 0.1, he gives me 20 bucks for 200 apples, right? Yeah I think it’s right.

Then the buyer ads a margin on an apple 50 cents and sells them to the markets all over the world. He gets 60 cents for an apple from the market buyer 50 margin and 10 the initial price.

Then the market sells apples in small packs with a margin of 70 cents.  So it’s 1.30 per apple that he earns in revenue. Profit is 70 cents.

The prices are fictitious, just to illustrate a point.

The point is that we pay not for the value of the item, but instead for the work which took to deliver the apple to your door step. It illustrates that people who have the apple tree in their garden next to their door don’t have to pay for the apple anything, they even can sell it with large scale without doing any of the work. They can give away apples for free because if nobody eats em, they’re going to rot.

The problem with modern age is that you don’t have any resources all of the resources are preowned.

If we look from a stand point of running the world, it costs nothing to run the world since money is a digit on the screen or paper. It’s value is deluded.

If we have cigarettes in one country cost 2€ in the other 10€, why is that?

This is the margin delusion. If we have janitors earning 120€ here in Lithuania and more in first world countries, why is that?

We need to value time the human works to achieve certain results because cleaning your front yard is as valuable as cleaning your computer from viruses.

Why other people devalue other people? Everybody wants a higher margin for doing nothing just making a sale, how come rich business men can earn that money if they don’t do any work just bullshit on youtube? Other people are working for the rich and they just create value for the guy owning them because he takes a margin from them because the worker is an investment, not a loss.

Thus making a human being a tool, a cog in the system.

Working is cool when you do what you like, not when you’re told to make profit by cleaning the streets where there will be more trash and leaves, rubbish.

How can a person be so rich, if he has the same time amount as you do? Why someone elses 24 hours are worth more than yours?

Work for profit is simply a delusion because if a person is working he must have access to everything society can offer because he spends time contributing to the society.

Someday money will end because it’s simply a delusion to make other people work hard and pay them nothing.

A person is making his own shoes in a company gets paid like 5€ and then the shoes cost 10€ to buy, where’s the logic? Why do people have to buy the resources which they make themselves?

The other illogical factor is making things that are bad on purpose, if people want to work all their life it’s fine – I don’t I want to write, but when people make bad stuff on purpose it pisses me off. Don’t you want to reduce the amount of work you have to do??? If you make a bad thing, you have to redo and redo and redo and redo it again.

Purpose is to do things that are gooooooooooooooooooood. When I write an article I do my best to provoke a thought while other folks make you dumb and I’m the one not getting thanks, I just can’t understand how can people be so dumb and so smart.

For example, when you do bad tooth seal it breaks and you have to do more work, why do you do this people, just wake up!

It’s like I wrote the same article forever, I don’t want to do that!

You people send ships to the Mars and you can’t do a bed that doesn’t break, why people? Don’t you want to work less and have your free time to do whatever you like?

Or do you get paid to do bad stuff! But if all of you do bad stuff, you get bad stuff, how can’t you understand!!! How about some common good for people just like you!

Money doesn’t matter, what matters is our quality of life and access to resources because money is simply paper paid to you to make bad stuff and everybody takes a margin on your work!!!

How to make computers great again

I have to admit. If it wasn’t for a computer – I would have a life. A fucking sad miserable life, but now I have a computer and can be a writer who can share his work to all over the world without using paper and maybe I’ll save a tree or more during my life time.

When it comes to computers, you want them safe and secure – that no fuck could ever watch you through your webcam while you’re typing naked right after shower – you can’t expect that from windows computer.

I had this idea, I liked in ubuntu.

The software you can use in a computer is in the repository of the operating system, you just sudo apt-get install, and you have software on your computer – how cool is that? I don’t want to click the next, next, next button. Even when I’m advanced amongst the noobs I chose chromebook, because ubuntu sucks.

I had installed it recently on my friends computer from a minimal USB and the version upgraded. I did a distro upgrade and that shit broke!!!

Everytime I had used Ubuntu or Windows or MAC – some shit just breaks and those problems occur over and over and over.

You can’t expect some pirated software to do good for your computer. And windows, man, it’s fucking expensive!!! OS should cost 5 bucks and not $199 because this is ridiculous for a software that just fucking breaks on you everytime.

Today computers are good when you don’t do anything with them.

As a advanced amongst the newbs user I can say computers are just problems and problems. When I install windows 7 on a new pc, there isn’t’ a driver to connect to the web to download the drivers, oh man – sucks!!!

When I install ubuntu, the latest, I can get all the drivers out of the box – it’s cool.

You want software to always upgrade and be a rolling release like chrome, but if your software always breaks after an upgrade – your software sucks!!!

The problem with auto updating software is that it doesn’t ask you about the UI changes, whenever you like it or not – you have to use it!!! It sucks man.

It’s not the UI that makes a computer good, it’s the functionality.

If you want a good calculator, you buy it with lots of functions, not just with addition and multiplication.

Google seriously you should send me a new chromebook, because 16GB of hard space is ridiculous!!! The matrix trilogy from piratebay and my ssd is full!!! in this modern age!!!

You don’t want to make slow computers cheaper, you want to make fucking fast computers cheaper!!! I don’t want to miss out on speed because I has no cash!!!

1000€ for a computer is ridiculous man!!! When people earn 400€ in europe,lithuania. You have to work 2,5 months to get a computer in this age of abundance, people you must be joking!!!

Computers and games are for the poor, real life is for rich, man!!!

200€ computers suck!

I need computational power to hack the matrix, maybe my computer doesn’t have the resources to hack reality I don’t know – Google give me some more power!!! Free of course.

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