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Day: November 21, 2018

3 things people envy of

People in general are envious creatures. We have the emotion of envy, jealousy, well to be jealous.

Over the course of my life, I gained some wisdom. Wisdom is a good virtue to have, wisdom comes from failure. When you succeed you don’t get wisdom and experience thus making failing the way to go if, maybe, someday, one wants to be successful.

There are 3 things people are jealous of:

  1. Not Working
  2. Money
  3. Good Looks
  4. This thing is optional, but some envy being smart.

It’s optional because many people consider themselves smart. Thus making no room for new knowledge.

When you have one or more of these, people will be so envious of you that they’ll become angry at you for no freaking reason.


Is life anything like you had pictured it would be growing up?

When I was little I thought that life is something beautiful. I thought I would become rich eventually. I really enjoyed life when I was little.

But when I got older I realized life is full of scam – people want to exploit you and steal your money and do bad stuff to you.

Then I became a pessimist. I’m currently a no lifer, because the outside world sucks.

I hardly finds things to appreciate, but when I find them I try to appreciate them as long as possible.

When I was little I thought everyone here is friendly but then came to realization that Earth is mostly hostile. There are lions who want to bite you. I always thought I was someone special. You know I thought humans were special, but I realized that humans are just another species.

I didn’t know that before I grew up.

Little knowledge of the external world gives you a lot of good moments. But there’s a day when you got to pull your shit together.

Please, don’t hate SPAM!

As a writer for long years, I haven’t seen such support – ever.

I’m talking about spam. SPAM actually makes you write more.

SPAM is supportive, maybe sometimes irrelevant.

You want to keep spam, just to show your users that there is some kind of activity in your blog when it’s new.

As a writer for long period, I rarely did get some comments on my writing therefore tuning into comments can be a great deal if you want to be encouraged as a writer.

There’s nothing worse than no feedback on your work.

So the SPAM comment makes it a little better even if it’s not true.

Note of wisdom

If you spend time with people who use alcohol excessively and smoke and are in their 50s – do you think you’re surrounded with smart people?

or the guy who was working all his life and he is poor, is he a financial advisor to the rich?

If a person was not working and is poor that’s another issue, but if people work they must become rich, otherwise there is no point in working just to survive and just to pass the days.

Something must be wrong in the head, or in the economic system.

How I spent half of a year without a mobile phone

Okay, every good thing has a story.

On the last month of 2017.12.X I got disconnected from my mobile phone signal provider. It made me pissed, I had like 7€ prepaid on it. And they simply disconnected me.

What happened when I stopped using the phone?

People just weren’t able to connect with me. At that time I had Facebook but people just didn’t bother to find me on Facebook.

It’s very easy to find me online, just google my name and you’ll find me and my contacts.

Everybody is using the web, name a person who doesn’t use a web, besides I had a landline phone all the time.

The real reason you have no friends is not because they can’t connect with you but because they won’t bother to connect with you…

Everybody using a google android phone has email…, everybody on facebook has email, everybody on youtube has email, but then again why not use email?

Email is instant just like facebook and etc.

So after spending half of a year without a phone I can tell you one huge benefit.

  1. You don’t miss out on anything.
  2. People don’t bother you with dull and nonsense tasks.
  3. Peace of mind.

If you’re not making sales with a phone, you don’t need a phone, unless you’re this social guy whos like everywhere doing meetups and shit.

But for guys like me who spend 24/7 on the web there simply is no need for the phone.

Besides all social networks are anti-social because you just sit at home and watch your screen.

If your social circle is made out of alcoholics, drug users and smokers the best thing you can do is unplug and you’ll be forgotten.

I started using a phone due to one thing, I could not make a payment to one man via bank, because the bank kept asking me for sms code, so I bought the SIM card, now I also started blogging so I use two step verification on my blog and my google account – don’t want this shit to be stolen and deleted.

But my phone is not ringing all day, it just sits silent on my desk, maybe once a week I get a call.

Because you know, I have enemies.

Social media forced me to quit social media

I used to like Facebook due to integrated audience which I’ve gathered over time.

I spent a lot of time on social media, it felt good, when you got a like or some views on your video, but then I suddenly received 3 blocks in a row 3×30 days, so it’s 90 days.

I sure made some enemies with my videos, some people liked it some did not.

After receiving 3rd block I decided it’s time to move out of social media and go to my personal website – best decision ever.

When you don’t pay for the service then it means you’re the product.

People spend days in facebook, creating and sharing content which is lost in the piles of old content.

Nobody really cares about you on facebook, people use facebook to show shit to their friends when in fact nobody has friends.

I have like 2 friends in real life, who are those 1000 people in my facebook account profile??? Are they my followers who don’t read my blog and don’t watch my videos? Who are those people, seriously man? Random stalkers from the web?

I learned one good lesson from Facebook and Youtube, it’s not worth building something when you don’t own the platform. They can instantly shut you off, just like it happened to me. Despite the fact that I’ve invested about 200-300€ into Facebook ads to grow my audience… this is bullshit…

Now I’m without facebook and it feels good to be on my own website, where I can build and share whatever I want and maybe someday earn some cash.


The way of the true writer

When it comes to living it always makes sense to do what you’re getting paid for.

Then again if you have worked for 10 years and have no money, you’re in the same boat just like me except I haven’t worked 10 years.

I always valued free time, I always asked this question – Am I so stupid that I can’t think something good to do with my life?

Then I had many realizations.

I realized that creating something your own in the market is extremely hard and it can take a lot of time, if you have just 100€ start up.

I’m not a financial advisor, but I think for 100€ you can only start a website. 60€ to be exact in a year, this is how much I’ve paid.

Blogging essentially is a good thing if you love to write, but on the other hand I doubt people will ever find my blog due to non-seo writing.

When it comes to living I don’t want to adapt my behavior to the world, I want the world to adapt to my behavior, but it takes enormous inner force, if people make money writing – this means it’s possible, you just have to gain some experience with the “business” model.

  • Writer business model is easy: write some shit and sell it.
  • Writer business is so scalable: shit you write for one person can scale to one million people, that’s how writing is effective.
  • Writing is fun, profitable and once you write it, it stays written.
  • Written stuff becomes your asset.

I’m always proud of long pieces, but when you blog – you can make books out of your own posts, this is pretty cool.

I should make some SEO, but whatever. I think SEO will handle itself because in the end I’m writing for people, not machines and algorithms.

Basically, everyday I wake up I sit down at my computer and write whatever comes to my head.  The game is who writes more, not who writes what.

Of course being a writer can take some time to realize what do you want to write.

  • Novels?
  • Articles?
  • Status Updates?
  • Diary?
  • Memoir?
  • Movies?
  • Plays?
  • The list is almost endless when it comes to writing.

As a writer for many years, I know that writers should feel joy while producing various texts in various forms.

When I feel this joy, I can create for free because I love doing it but I think I’m good enough to do it for money.

Six years of daily writing is huge experience and the experience only grows, while people spend writing texts and chats, some people build assets and this makes a huge difference.

Everyone can write but only few can master it. When you write a lot you get this sense of flow.

The other thing I noticed that using simple words makes a better writer, when those word smiths use words nobody can understand they actually suck as writers.

Writing is not about beautiful words, writing is about idea sharing and communication.

But who I’m to teach you, I’m not famous 🙂

Non Smoker since 2018-11-11

It’s been almost 10 days of non smoking, I noticed that my teeth became whiter.

Just to note a fact: when I quit smoking I had no withdrawal.

Withdrawal must be something mental due to fact that I had experienced withdrawal earlier in my life, because I tried to quit so many times.

Sometimes I lasted just few days, some times just few hours.

I somehow believe that you can’t quit by force.

When I quit, I didn’t use force of will or anything like that.

I didn’t force myself to stop thinking about smoking, I can fantasize about smoking as much as I want until I don’t do it.

When I think about smoking, I realize it is simply not worth it because 10 days is actually a big achievement for me, because I smoked since 11 grade infrequently and then 5 or 6 years everyday 17-20 cigarettes or cigarillos at max nicotine. I was used to 20+ mg nicotine per day.

I thought about nicotine therapy and other therapies, but somehow I just stopped, maybe god helped me. I don’t know.

I was actually mad at god, but I realized he gave me enough, even when I’m an atheist.

My advice would be don’t force yourself to quit, let the body do the decision, if it want’s to smoke, let it smoke and kill itself eventually.

Human death rate is 100%, if not due to one disease then to other.

I actually noticed one thing, when you hate life – you do all this destructive behavior to yourself, but when you start to love even the humblest life, you start to value it and the destructive behavior somehow stops.

I have schizophrenia so my body and mind does whatever they want, I’m sort of not in control here.

When it comes to making money, living healthy, grinding and etc. I don’t take any responsibility and let the body do whatever it wants. I feel like I’m an entity within a body – somewhat of experience, sort of.

I’m a pure thought. If I’m a thought I can write myself out and become indestructible.

I think that my occupation as a writer/blogger is going to last for decades if not an age.

When it comes do doing certain stuff in my life, I never used force, when you use force – you then have no free will. Free will basically is a mental choice, not a practical one.

By the way I started coughing less, my breath-ins are much deeper and kinda like how the air feels, when my friend comes I feel the smoke stink and I just can’t realize how I used to smoke that shit. It sure is an addiction because no normal guy who has some brains would choose to smoke.

I have to admit that nicotine is a trap, a trap where we fall into when we’re not smart enough. Young and dumb.

When I used to smoke, I had these thoughts about quitting, those thoughts would be something like this:

I will quit after I smoke this pack to the end.

I will quit later.

The tendency is to delay the quitting, but then I realized whenever I feel like I want to quit, I just throw the cigarettes out and look at what happens, because I knew that there are times when there’s no withdrawal and if you don’t try, you’re probably will miss the time when there’s no physical withdrawal.

The withdrawal is purely mental which creates physical pain.  Just because there is no reason to be in pain when you’re actually cleaning the body. Smoking is pain, not smoking is not pain, it’s a relief from the addiction which sucks you in.

We feel pain due to fact that everyone is brainwashing us by saying quitting smoking is hard, quitting is not easy. Man if it was hard and not easy – quit chance would be 0%

You’re basically losing 2 minutes x 20 times per day of breathing shit in.

It took me 6 years to realize this and come out of the bullshit.

If you believe in mind over body ideas, then you know that any addiction is in the head.

I generally believe that if a person can quit smoking, he can do anything if he really wants: get in shape, eat healthy.

Joel said: 100% quit chance is done by not taking another puff and when the right time comes, not taking a puff is really easy. But when the body wants a puff – you can’t do nothing because you’re powerless.

The first thing to quitting smoking is the loss of enjoyment in smoking, if you enjoy smoking then smoke but keep in mind that your lungs are going to melt.

I was on that road, it’s not about being aware that eventually the lungs going to melt, there’s just stuff one has to understand.

I liked to smoke, but I had some bad luck with money and it felt so bad when I couldn’t get a smoke, most of the time in withdrawal state and feeling the pain.

I can’t say that I don’t want a puff now, but I just don’t want to go through those 10 days again or maybe even worse can happen, I’ll get stuck in the same trap again.

I don’t want that.

When it comes to traps, you can’t escape them by force.

As Joel says: nicotine addiction does the talking 14 days, after 14 days you are free. But I was free since day 1, because it took me no effort.

I have no will, I don’t use force or discipline stuff just happens. I read and watched and listened to many products I stole online, all they do is give you an enthusiasm boost which farts out in the end of the day.

The body freed itself from nicotine, we’ll look at it from a longer perspective when I’m off for a year and more then I will know I’m free.

Real quitting is effortless with slight change in the behavior.

When other people go to smoke, you don’t want to join them because in fact they envy you – therefore you have nothing to be envious of.

I will do next status update on smoking after 10 days on december 1,2018.

Boiling, as a form of torture

Torture is never personal. Torture is a business, business of cruel people who take on cruel means in order to achieve somewhat insignificant information.

When it comes to torture – you don’t want high pain spikes, you want pain to build up.

Boiling a man is the best form of torture. Every person who has some intelligence in his head will understand what’s going to happen if he’s ain’t talkin.

While being boiled when you’re dead is nothing spectacular, being boiled while you’re alive is somewhat a good show, a good way of spending your time as a torturer.

Torturers make people feel, I see these kids slicing their hands with razor blades just to feel alive. They want to feel that they’re alive because deep inside their soul is simply said – dead. Afterall how do they know how it feels to be alive? They most likely know how to be in pain, not alive.

Want to feel alive? Ask your local torturer to boil you and you’ll feel good and alive whilst your soul is long dead.

green barrel

Stole it

To boil a person, you only need a barrel, some water and some neat heaters can be electrical or oldschool with fire and shit.

You know the feeling when it feels a little too hot?’

It’s going to feel real bad for someone who’s in the barrel.

But you have to remember, torture is never personal.

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